Yan Qing the Mo Be in no mind to realize

“Allow Xiao Xiao, do you have a so poisonous necessity?Miss my Li Jian is also charming dashing not very good!”

Allow Xiao Xiao to nowise show consideration of vomit slot, “bad!”

Yan Qing the Mo Be in no mind to realize these 2 people, simultaneously take out lesson originally, simultaneously cut and polish should buy for easy lotus Yu what gift just good.

By this time, the form master walked to come in and behind still got a person, whole class immediately discusses in succession, in addition to indulge in the Yan Qing of own thought world Mo alone.

Allow Xiao Xiao also surprised must stare greatly and originally how not good eyes, Chuo the Chuo Yan Qing Mo, “Mo Mo, isn’t that lotus Yu in your house?”

“What ah?”The Yan Qing been bothered the Mo was joyless wrinkly eyebrows to stare her one eye.

By this time, the form master also starts introducing, “everyone listen to, this is the easy lotus Yu, he is aller small than you 3 years old, just jumped class to turn to our class, the classmates can not can humiliate him because he is smaller than you.”

Grow an easy lotus Yu of face that is beautiful as the angel to toward public tiny tiny on smiling, “everyone good, I am an easy lotus Yu.”

Once the easy lotus Yu smile, the platform descends a male men and women female to immediately feel dizzy dizzy, and the power is hundred percent!
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The Yan Qing Mo has been dumbstruck, incredible stare on the stage of the boy of that Evil-doer sort, why will he be here?She should have no dimmed eyesight?

Blink again, the easy lotus a Yu is still a station is over there, she cannot helps but pouring to take a suck at spirit, miserably miserably, in the future one dark!

At this time, easy lotus Yu smile don’t smile of hope toward her, the Yan Qing Mo pours again to take a suck at spirit and finishes finishing, this guy got angry!

The form master saided again some what Yan the Qing none of Mo know and stare the face that the eyes looking at easy lotus Yu, that extremely beautiful more and more near, the heart fawn bumps indiscriminately. Nike Shoes Outlet

Once returned while coming the absolute being just discovered that the easy lotus Yu became to ownly sit at the same table, but allow Xiao Xiao have already moved her behind to go.

Be not?!Teacher to I also too like, see the look in the eyes that the surroundings passes over here, hate to add envy, this lets she hereafter how mix?!

Choose between the us and hims a

“Mo ……Mo 【wife, spoil me choose a Nike Air Max 2011 Leather chapter between the us and hims 】!”The ear rings out easy lotus Yu clear and crisp haven’t changed the voice of voice, clearly very good to listen, but Yan Qing Mo but involuntarily emit cold sweat.

“Ha ha.”The Yan Qing Mo turns a head to smile to his stem how many, ” how did you jump class?How do we all don’t know?”

“You the relevant heart lead I?I make you wait me in the morning, you ignore me!”A facial expression that is beautiful fine to get a too ridiculous face to peep out to discommode a wretchedness, the Yan Qing Mo muscle is stiff to smile not to come out, flank of the male men and women female be in a twinkling killed by second!

Useless talk!She where know he will with her classmate!
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She is to don’t want to make the old cow eat delicate grass, is this wrong?

Think of formerly she sends him the day for going to school, she discommodes for a belly, who like is single husband and wife with him, who rare the boy having a hair head does a fiance, the that smelly boy unexpectedly laughs at her every day, Ye Yu she, she really had enough of!

“Yan Qing Mo, you how to humiliate younger brother younger brother!”Li Jian becomes overdo to come to blame Yan Qing Mo again.

“Be, the younger brother of so beautiful amiability is unfeeling to humiliate, too damned!”

“That’s right, Yan Qing Mo you are too damned!Jiu”

Surroundings of the classmate in a twinkling lay siege to her, does the Yan Qing Mo feel that oneself is well pitiful,do not they know that she is the the that is humiliated?


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