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5 juveniles arrested on child porn charges in Pahrump 5 juveniles arrested on child porn charges in Pahrump Join the discourse:Click on this for a full explanation of our conversion to the livefyre commenting system and instructions on how to sign up for an account.Our goal is not to limit the dialog, but rather to raise it.Comments requires to be relevant and contain no abusive language.Comments which might off topic, vulgar, profane or include personalized attacks will be removed.Full posts policy.Along with that, we Pandora On Sale now display comments from trusted commenters automagically.Those wishing to become trusted commenter need to verify their identity or sign in with facebook connect to tie their facebook account to their las vegas sun account.To get more on this change, read our story about the way it works and why we did it. Only trusted comments are displayed on this site.And then those boys get arrested for distribution and promotion of child porn because they have them on their phones?Creates this change sound fair? Killerb february.Banner And the persons were, no sufferer = no crime. “The professional powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others, jones jefferson, notes on the condition of virginia, 1781 82 Killerb february.The a hunt It labeled as”Sexting, and kids growing prosecuted for it everywhere, some for being his or her’s victims.That what our marvellous police state does now. “Show me the man and i find the crime, lavrentiy beria, chief of the soviet home protection and secret police under stalin Mrsskurvy february.Banner Common sense says that they must be incarcerated until age 21, then have to register as a sex offender through out their lives. Patkelly01 february.Banner There is no such thing as a person of any age who is not if perhaps you are unless he/she has been traumatized into abstinence by the sick society they were born into.Sex is a regular, intended and indeed mentally healthy activity for anyone to engage in regardless of age.The current attempt to protect children from sex has its roots in the religious myth that sex is sinful without any rightful place in any society that calls itself advanced or civilized.It matches living under sharia law and is an affront to our most basic human rights and freedoms.History will show that our irrational sex is harmful attitudes were with regard to enormous pain and suffering done in the name of keeping others from enjoying their sexuality.And the sad part is that no the person has been more harmed by this than the very children we seek to protect.Shame on us website marketing.So ignorant. “I don see how you can be charged with all that, unless we were looking at alot older then the girls or showing the dads, Mrsskurvy you made quality points.But as a this discussion i take on the herd and challenge the hint something is wrong with nudity.And as soon as more, have been the victims in this incident? “Common sense says that they must be incarcerated until age 21, then have to register as a sex offender for the low price remainder of their lives, Frm your version of common sense is much diverse from mine.This is the kind of mindset that had those two junior high school boys from mcminnville, or, enroute to becoming sex offenders for life for swatting some girls butts in the hallway.Fortunately town headed off the prosecution before it got too far. Patkelly01 yours is the most well thought out and on point post so far.Abnormal how this republic founded on”Freedom and justice for all”Just doesn seem to positively handle its children sexuality.Freud was appropriately! Noindex good outrage, and what the pahrump cops and prosecutors require more of! “You can only protect your liberties on earth by protecting the other man freedom.You can easily be free if i am free, clarence darrow, address to the judge, the communist case(1920) Olbuddy appears to be you a fan of”Porky tomd1228 be the da in charge over there.Imagine how enough time, trouble and scarce public funds would be saved with your approach and trauma to these kids for doing what comes from what natural.



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