everythings all prepare to stop to be

recruiting, the sword fairy adult is an elder generation Gao Ren, should have no objection?”
“Ha ha, certainly have no, you want to pull your daughter to die together, this closes me what affair, good, not useless talk, s è in the sky is getting more late, I still need to rush through to return to to pay a courtesy call on teacher Zu and make collective report a circumstance, since you want to spare no effort a to fight, that I give you an opportunity, you cooperate also good, list’s beating only Dou is also good, in fine, as long as canning answer my on recruiting sword spirit, you even if is successfully, otherwise, the whole still according to I in times before say of do, understand?You don’t say, either what die deathless of, I just want to tell your BE, I can’t kill yours, my sword spirit also can’t with all strength BE, I will knock down you, let you understand you is what humble, in front of me, in addition to listenning to my order, you there are no other choices and connect to recruit, brave of children”
Hear if the dragon fly, the sword fairy force after sayi Mens Prada Shoes Outlet ng a lot of useless talks slowly drew out lance between waists.
Lance sheath, a Sen cold ray of light immediately reflects sh è come out.
See that lance, Long Fei’s seeing with half an eye that lance is also absolute being soldier’s sharp weapon, think necessarily its baby’s degree, also the unlike ice female phoenix blazes Feng low, otherwise, this sword fairy force sees burning Feng knife and ice female phoenix sword, also can’t so thin settle.
“Ha ha, I this be called to reflect a month, the Hey Hey is already the status of complete awakening, so, under your etc. can want caution, otherwise, only is the absolute being soldier’s spirit, you probably will severely wounded.”See the stunned facial expression that Long Fei wait a person, sword fairy Be martial to say very self-satisfiedly.
The words that hear sword fairy martial, Long Fei’s in the mind doesn’t feel one Lin, dark sigh this time as a result be being fraught with grim possibilities.
See to now the other party not only fix for the reach the peak, but also more and absolute being soldier Duo in the sky, oneself and whistling it may be said is to completely be placed in bad situation, basically didn’t win his opportunity.
Fly according to the dragon know, mainland on, 18 sort weapons in, is most a people of this world fancy of the weapon is a lance.
But because of this reason, from ancient period, have already had many bequeath to posterity a double-edged sword to spread down.
Among them the most famous of, certainly too, stem will, Mo Xie, these legendary absolute being soldier.
But, these absolute being soldiers are to mostly all have been lost, Be spread to a double-edged sword of a life time now, total say to is all some absolute being soldiers that posterities create.
Among them the most famous of several pair of, include a dragon to fly and the ice female phoenix Prada Trainers Sale UK in the whistling hand blaze Feng, moreover then is a China empire 12 sword fairy 12 a double-edged swords in the hand.
It is said that these 12 a double-edged swords are all absolute being soldier who can link the dint of the universe, with all strength be for of words, canning compare nature and man, dint canning not.
But let more people feel marvel of, then a double-edged sword used by that legendary sword fairy teacher Zu Ji dragon, it is said that that that makes the name of sword being called Long Shen, is a can invoke the highest absolute being soldier whom the spirit of absolute being dragon helps a war.
Now sword fairy Wu Shou Li of this reflect the sword in month, is also absolute being soldier’s sharp weapon, and according to his parlance, this a double-edged sword of foul atmosphere have already completely awoke, flick to move, that strength make people basically can not imagine.
So, at that moment, hear the sword fairy words that is martial, Long Fei’s waiting all of persons is shockingly full faces, the eyebrows tightly locks.
Beam Qiao is also with full intention worry of looking at Long Fei, grasp his arm, the low voice sobs a way:”Long Fei don’t try very hard to, you let I with he go to, you trust, I will look after own very of, you don’t want to sacrifice myself for the sake of me.”
If”not, I have to taste to take a shot, ” hears beam Qiao, Long Fei firmness of shake shake head, immediately after turn round to let to allow Xin to take beam Qiao to go away, keep off battlefield as far as possible, this just turn round to prepare to meet challenge to battle.
“Uncle Long, I also come to help you to deal with him together, this bastard, incredibly want me and beam the elder sister grasp to walk, I make him exactly have several cents, weight” fire Lin arrived at a dragon to fly nearby and looking at that sword fairy forced and with full intention and indignantly said at this time.
“If the fire Lin, you back first to open, go to and beam elder sister is together foo Cheap Prada Bags lish, listen to an uncle, the this person real strenght isn’t what you can imagine.If you are foolish here, just walk into death” hear fire Lin, Long Fei knits the brows to say to him.
Hear if the dragon fly, the dragon appeared ashamed facial expression on the fire Lin face and swallowed after swallowing spittle, finally have to walking of Yan Yan to beam Qiao and the position of Xu Xin’s place, with full intention worry of looking at the condition in the field.
He knows that Long Fei says right, his real strenght is too weak, basically isn’t that sword fairy martial opponent.
“Start” sees everythings all prepare to stop to be, Long Fei lifts to see sword fairy force to say and talk at the same time, whole body spirit field inflation, is already promote to the true spirit in the body extreme achievement.
And flank together with Long Fei stand whistlingly, then also broke out at this time the dint of the demon absolute being, the whole body dress Mei floats, the skin s è becomes green white s è, a few long thin hair are continuously to drift in the air.
“Ha ha, well, after strength promotes, can have a look on the whole, however, also only so-so, you spotted, I but wanted to deliver to recruit” sees the dragon fly with whistling all broke


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