Waiting this phrase is his dead cave

Waiting this phrase is his dead cave, his whole life dislikes most of is etc.!

He gets sick at that time, he every day also in etc., waiting this body when would like, even if be critically ill, he also can wait, waiting own body actually can enough win a disease evil.

They were together finally very not easy now, return important cause for already take place past of does the affair continue to keep on waiting?

Obviously, two personal nows this topic chats not to get up.

The Yan Qing Mo really thinks cachinnation, do they still have during a lifetime?

But when she sees his earnest look in the eyes, at heart immediately one Zhan, , the problem with a little bit makes to smile, immediately ask not to come out.
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The atmosphere resumed again icy cold, easy lotus Yu deep breathing one breath, rake rake hair, sighed an one breath, “calculate, you want me to your time, that I give you time, but you have to know, I am to will wait you at first forever!”

This words he was no longer the first to say with her, but he would stand to wait her at first every time.

The Yan Qing Mo eye socket is immediately moist, looking at the figure that turns round to leave stunned, the in the mind is very cool a burst of 【wife, spoil me”corpse” spread to sigh a chapter 】.

His turn round and imitated a Buddha to turn round in her life similar, to her spoil Ni, for liking her, seeming can’t have again.

Room inside after soon reducing her a person a Timberland Boots Outlet nd leading in a short while, she heard the voice of a burst of sports car, her air is immediately gloomy, and the heart is a burst of and disappointed.

Even if is what oneself makes him walk, but she dided not also open mouth to make him walk!

Every time he is nowise show consideration of turn round to leave, actually want to arrive when he would be suddenly turning round a moment and coming back, give she a consumedly of embrace!

This problem there is no answer.

This night, the Yan Qing Mo tosses around difficu Cheap Timberland Kids Boots lt sleep, all could not sleep for a nights, only because have never come back any further for that car being after leaving, .

She knows that he must be will the easy house slept, even if is to know, her in the mind isn’t so pleasurable either.

Clearly this is the result that oneself wants, but really is so, her in the mind is again very sad, resent he why so obedient.

The woman is so strange kind of living creature, even she by herself all see she not and deeply.

Is a panda eye that wears for a day again, sh Mens Authentic Timberland Boots e nothing important mood, will easily read boon to send to an easy mother there, always have a kind to crave for in the heart, want to see that man.

But she is also clear, this time he basically and impossibly at home.

After, she contacts Xu Xiao Xiao, affair concerning her cousin, she misses she or say a voice to excuse me.

Allow Xiao Xiao to directly invite her to come out to have a chat, the Yan Qing Mo listens to her tone, seem the appearance of nothing important spirit, immediately some surprised, she generally is all in high spirit, this kind of appearance really not much sees, can’t because of Xu Tang Shun?

Because this affair, Yan Qing Mo while seeing her, all feel some compunction.

But who know to allow Xiao Xiao even lift don’t lift this affair, just lie prone on the table to sigh, the air is gloomy.

Lookinging at of the Yan Qing Mo misgiving she obviously mentally taxing small face, can’t the be because of elder brother Jin?

“You how was this ?Relate to elder brother Jin?”


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