Once Yangming jade in Europe come in a door

“Shout, dead tired I!Piece a blare this guy in early morning don’t know to run as well where go to, the white did so much good thing to eat for him, wanted to seek the persons whom lifts a bag to all have no over the weekend and humed!”

Once Yangming jade in Europe come in a door and would was to angrily hum a , then the Sou Sou separating of Sou is empty to throw all of the plastics bags at bed up, oneself is to walk toward the bed, let to hide the piece of the underneath is at the bed a blare a burst of nervous, pray Yangming jade in Europe don’t suddenly efficient sweep hygiene!Otherwise the elder brother was disheveled hair now ……

However, lie bed once the piece of the underneath blare, the but again is to feel a matchless excitement, because may be the relation on weekend, wearing of Yangming jade in Europe packs heel a little bit different at ordinary times, seem sexy a lot of, at least with piece a blare of view, can see Yangming in Europe nudity just but two snow-white beautiful legs of , although just the knee part as follows, for just watching smal Nike Air Max Shoes l movie still be placed in concussion don’t once the overdue piece blare to say, that snow-white leg feet, clean and hairless, the circle is smooth and well-balanced, delicate of skin up, the powder make him is very excited.


That Yangming jade in Europe that walks to follow in the side to the bed, lightly of 1 revolve to turn round, then be pour at big bed up, that flexibility makes bed body tiny tiny on trembling, let the piece of the underneath is at the bed a blare the dust of spraying one face.

“Originally the bed of this Ni son the underneath is so dirty, depend it ……”

Was a certain to just still hope Yang Cheap Nike ing jade in Europe not too efficient guy, abandons the somebody else’s bed again now soiled ……

But immediately, piece one the corner of mouth blaring is again to start to hang up a to put on very evil smiling face, from just that flexibility to see, the this bed of Yangming jade in Europe obvious quality compares own of the bed is much stronger, if can take place to order with Yangming jade in Europe on the such a bed of hundred percent flexibility what, whether that is very great, stimulate very much?

Someone just in the yy of evil the Yangming jade think, but seeing Europe lay on the bed motionless, is again to realize a problem, Ni Ma, this Ni son couldn’t lie asleep?If fall asleep, is oneself to also want to have been hiding in this bed underneath?
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Piece a blare to feel oneself may the bitterness forced, because all passed by for three minutes, Yangming jade in Europe still had no action.

“Want to take no chance to go out?”

Once the piece blare to inwardly hesitate, if Yangming jade in Europe really and asleep, with his light as a swallow effort, pour not to is to can’t be realized by Yangming jade in Europe, but in case of this Ni son just shut eyes to take a rest, didn’t fall asleep?

Once the piece blare decision to still keep waiting for five minutes again, if Yangming jade in Europe still has no action after five minutes, he lightly drills to go out, as for these five minutes how lead, piece a blare to decide that helping of oneself’s good heart Yangming jade in Europe counts there are a few sweat hairs on her leg feet and have the thing like the black birthmark ……

But, piece a blare some Be getting more Womens Nike Free Run Shoes depressed, the calf of Yangming jade in Europe up really was too clean, basically have no sweat hair give him number, also have no black birthmark lets him sees, so perfect calf, let him want and seek a thing and beat and deliver time and all can not do it.

“The cousin went home, true boredom, that a blare how still not come back, also not know where make nuisance for others, hum, made a telephone call to make him come back general cleaning, a little self-conscious all have no of guy, know that the white eats, some energy also not.”

Suddenly, the person on the bed is again a spirit to hum a , almost piece a blare of the little darlings all frightenned to leap out!

“My Chuo!Talks for none of three minutes, pretend to be dead this Ni son!”

On blaring, the piece fears of clapped oneself to have no fleshy of small breast, the temples all leaked out cold sweat and inwardly rejoiced oneself have never drilled to go out.Immediately at the thought of Yangming jade in Europe still wants to make a phone call for oneself, immediately the heart is again a burst of to pull out cool, Ni Ma, called elder brother on elder brother’s cellphone now, the bell ring doesn’t ring at her bed underneath?Similarly expose!

Once the proper piece blare to want to take out a cellular phone to sign at the time that horse shut down, that Yangming jade in Europe on the bed was again a saying of vexation:”Is dizzy, I incredibly didn’t°yet the number of this guy!Really grieve me.”

“Hey Hey, who make your peacetime concern to the not enough elder brother, don’t even save the elder brother’s numbers, Mao Mao!”


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