gold Lin guards against the gas

“The Xi Xi don’t be excited, you guess right, just that person is the clan of the clan of gold Lin long Xue Zi Lin, Hey Hey, you definitely and very consternation he why will become my under charge, why didn’t die, Hey Hey, the truth tells you, in fact seduce a monster demon the clan take the offensive the allied troops of three tribes and also have and China the empire cooperate, let those dark black member of team come to make track for shot you, is all what I with Xue Zi Lin inside should outside add up row like, ” deteriorates and disperses evil Luo Xue Ji to say words, the Mi sees Long Fei, the facial expression on the face is very satisfied with complacent, she seems to be really to like to see Long Fei that stunned facial expression.
Long Fei is really very stunned now, his consternation of all soon throw up blood.
He really feels now that he’s being like a monkey of circus troupe , incredibly between the ignoramus, be led long neck to does an ugly action that makes people laugh.
According to floating about evil Luo the words of snow Ji to say, from the first, she and Xue Zi Lin are to conspire like of, they have been aring acting in a play to let they see.
Their conceal very deeply, the drama also plays lifelikely, if be not deteriorate and disperse evil Luo today snow Ji spoke all these on his/her own initiative, this affair, estimate that during a lifetime Long Fei is being all surprisingly to will is this appearance.
Full face”from the first, Xue Zi Lin and Xu Xins’ acquaintanceship, in fact at my c ā the o control under, his in the mind loyal to person also just I, not this is silly of woman, ” deteriorates and disperses evil Luo Xue Ji to say words, satisfied Mi eye way:”Arrive at demon clan territory this time, I in advance already with him contact good, carry on a close and detailed and complete arrangement with him, you this all the way suffer of affair, almost under my plan, Hey Hey, you are surprisingly?”Floating about evil Luo Xue Ji says words, the Mi sees Long Fei, and the facial expression is even satisfied.
Hear the words of snow Ji of floating about evil Luo, Long Fei in the mind like ate a fly Authentic Prada Outlet generally disgusted and confusion.
He cautiously remember this goes to come from the affair of havings that the F suffers all the way all of a sudden, this just impressively discover, these affair, seem to be all and Xu Xin or many or littlely have certain contact.
These affairs see now, the one who seem to is really the black hand with a backstage at the c ā o Zong.
But this backstage manipulator, the nature is to deteriorate and disperse evil Luo snow Ji.
Long Fei really puzzled extremity by this time, he really didn’t understand this terrible woman to exactly want to do what.
If say that she wants to seize she to still have whistling soul strength, so she should adopt more simple way just to, but now she but is make so many affairs, this made the in the mind that the dragon flies some to don’t understand.
“Xue Zi Lin is my confident under charge, Hey Hey, he is insolently ambitious, a heart strengthens his/her own tribe, this is exactly what I need, so, for letting he can have peace of mind of follow me, I gave everything that he needs, troops, weapon and site, Hey Hey, in fine is he wants, but I give again of, I will give him.The monster demon clan takes the offensive the allied troops of three tribes and is just a part of my plan.The purpose is to satisfy Xue Zi Lin demanding everything.You shoulded also realize, you escaped from the battlefield of time, don’t meet what trouble, in fact, that because those soldiers have already in advance got Xue Zi Lin’s order, it makes them don’t want to intercept yours.And as for those dark black member of team, Hey Hey, also just that 1 trade.Xue Zi Lin is definitely and successfully just the clues and opportunity that the commitment provides for them to catch you, but doesn’t promise.But, nevertheless, he still can acquire China empire to provide to his weapon and the material, in fine, this is a business that has already not earned to compensate, Hey Hey, however those dark black member of team pour is to really believe him, and he still presented to public confidence game intentionally, by so doing, Xue Zi Lin not only knotted to like China empire, will own a to criticize large-scale kill to harm x ì of ng weapon and material, and still pleased a monster king, got troops and bedrock, everything that gets his wants, but the all these is all what I give him, so, connect down, he will feel grateful to wear to me virtuous, be dead set of is my effect, Hey Hey Hey, ha ha ha, “deteriorate and disperse evil Luo snow Ji, say words, sank into self-satisfied status, look up at sky cachinnation get up, the facial expression Women Prada Trainers
Floating about evil Luo snow Ji insolent cachinnation of time, the dragon flies of a heart but is at continuously sink downward.wWw,
By this time he has already realized, the then it woman has the ability c the ā o Zong all these, even is the war that takes an of demon clan, and that explains that she absolutely is not- general degree to the Xue Zi Lin’s controling.
Is also say, all armed strength in the Xue Zi Lin’s hand are so all in fact chemisette strength, she can be as one pleases is these strength the making use of of y ù.
Now she already with borrow to shoot soul Fan to hold tight Long Fei, so, the dragon fly and then have to worry whistling and the beam Qiao waited the person’s condition.
If Long Fei didn’t guess wrong, they three personal now should be to have already sunk into a besieging of the clan of gold Lin as well and even probably have already been held tight.
Although say them three individual medium, whistling and the fire Lins all have certain fighting strength, that kind of the fighting strength is after all very weak, but although the beam Qiao has gas shell, with deteriorate and disperse evil Luo understand of snow Ji to he or she’s team, she isn’t likely to don’t remind that the clan of gold Lin guards against the gas shell of beam Qiao.
Is also say, whistling etc. person, now is the status that completely is placed in a kind of passive ignorance in of, the clan of gold Lin wants to hold tight them, absolutely easy to accomplish.
Thought of the whistling etc. person still completely receives in the Gu, Long Fei must feel a burst ofly worry to them.
“Hey Hey, very good, you finally understood the condition in nowadays, you would worry them, this explains that you understand my strength, ” floating about evil Luo snow Ji cachinnation


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