Green is regarded as the key point home decoration

Green is regarded as the key point of home decoration, many families in the selection of finishing materials, in addition to the price factor, the environmental performance tend to be ranked first. The decoration of the contaminated substances, formaldehyde is the most common dangers of a larger one, if not treated on home formaldehyde or mishandled, would have an enormous health damage. Widespread presence of formaldehyde in the home, from food to furniture, from building materials to decorations, more or less rare formaldehyde ingredients.

Prevention and management improvements formaldehyde, selection is the first step, some consumers tend to freeloaders, or not pay attention to the screening, and buy into the poor environmental performance of products. Wood products, formaldehyde is generally left in the adhesive inside, such as artificial board, all kinds of plastic aging, new furniture, etc., are the use of adhesives. Therefore, in the selection, try to choose solid wood furniture or choose metal doors and windows. Adhesives used in the last resort, try using a high level of environmental protection, the release of formaldehyde less.

Tide aldehyde quality maple or oak flooring as floor surface materials, wood, delicate texture, color undertake a consistent color concept of family life, sanding surface and rub evenly color technology, allowing the floor surface is more stylish, more complex Chinese home decor trends and style needs; this series offers Roman floor sun palace impression, Roland memories, Greek legend, California, maple, oak color, static water fragrant, fresh blowing, jade elegance, Waterlilies, more than 10 kinds of colors to choose from.

Living at home in addition to aldehyde floor, using genetic technology to nanometer silicon and other natural materials chitin action group, made ??of eco-friendly multi-layered floor. Eliminating UV coatings and environmental factors aldehyde interoperability embedded Fusion, evenly distributed in the floor surface, adsorption of formaldehyde in the air to capture, execution harmless decomposition. Valid for up to 20 years, according to the National Building Materials Test Center, formaldehyde purification performance of 93.9%, purifying effect of persistent reached 88.8%.

Material Performance

Prestressed floor by internal processes and six overall surface treatment, solid structure, stability, not deformed. Epidermis using maple oak flooring, foot feeling good wear resistance and performance, UV wear-resistant paint process, reached home I wear the floor level. Interface Flooring chamfered processes, interfaces smooth tight, after assembling a good overall result.


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