Chen Tian Yi the car file a dozen

Chen Tian Yi the car file a dozen, would be to sink a voice to say.


Should be an at the low Xin, on the face still red and dizzy don’t eliminate, although she has a liking for to open very much,a men’s head just just clipped at own of before the chest, she still canned not was immediately thinned to settle down and listenned to a piece a blare of words, quickly fastenned good safety belt, probably fastenned too tight cause, that safety belt that wears over the of soft breasts opens two demarcation with clear high peaks to, seem to be more for shoot high up.

Once the piece blare just and glimpse that more the high peak of Wei E, then would be cold cold on smiling, looking at to bump for the fourth time of the east is good-looking, the corner of mouth hangs up a to put on a smiling of dark idea.

“Paralyze of and knock down with playing of Lao Tze BE?A short while elder brother makes you can not even open cars forever!”

Once the piece blare Yin malicious voice, let nearby of is one Shan at the Xin look in the eyes difference color, she surprisingly piece a blare to still have thus a side of the malicious Li.


At east weather cock to again bumping of time, piece a blare to open compare second Di already one Be fierce to soon run fast to go out, frighten at a Luo Mao in the Xin heart, then looking at front that almost will drive own ratio t Cheap Nike Shoes e second Di bump of a strange Rui, facial expression moment very white, take off to exclaim a way:”Carefully!”

Piece a blare don’t be realized to exclaiming of Xin, but once the hands turn steer device, at compare a second Di car head distance strange Rui sedan not enough ten Li riceses are apart from of time left in time be partial to in the past, put into the driveway blind side of the left side in, ask for originally to open a driver Nu of on the left driveway to lambaste, because he almost crash into horizontal put an incoming piece a blare!

“Yi, the car skill grew better.That elder brother accompanies you to play well, ha ha, originally still feel nothing important meaning!”

East weather cock to winning, a lon Nike Air Max g hair youth looking at suddenly a ratio of escaping from his/her owns place driveway second Di, not only don’t angry of air, on the contrary double the eye Be a burst of to put light, take a to put on excitement of say with smile, then also ignore the car of oneself’s behind and the left side, direct broken-down eastern weather cock to toward the left side depend pass by.

East weather cock to the malice make track for the affair that the tail compares second Di and have already been noticed by the vehicle from the same segment driveway and see east weather cock to have no to have scruples about of depend to come over, the left side two the vehicle on the driveways together together urgent Cha car, so as not to disaster and oneself, but they so on doing, equal to long hair youth convenience, directly p Nike Air Max 90 Shoes ure a road of safety lets long hair the youth make track for a piece a blare.

“Cao!1 flock have no sympathetic egg son!”

Piece a blared to also see those from the empress see the mirror driver parking of one act, immediately the Nu scolds 1 and continues to drive, but front of the vehicle hustled too much, basically having no enough space can make him overtake a car in the past, but east weather cock to get convenience, have already quickly made track for to come up!

“See, the elder brother wanted to use to extremely recruit ah, hum, don’t would not° until your dog eye of Shan flower be good!”

See front be juxtaposed to drive of of two cars only have the cleft of one meter, piece a blare once the tooth bite, then suddenly and again adjust file rapid opened in the past, Be let to again the Xin heartstring stretched tight tightly, unbearabl Nike Air Max TN Shoes e will surprised shout, but fear to influence a piece a to blare to drive again, lived to want to exclaim to make a noise with the hands Wu of mouth.

Descend a moment, don’t want to call at the Xin mouth, but eyes all stared a circle!

Because she discovers that her own body suddenly jacks up after one earthquake, and the body returns facing the left side tilt to one side pass by!

The whole right side carriage that compare a second Di miracle sort hangs empty get up!But the cleft of that meter, unexpectedly let piece a blared to inserted into by the way that wears a miracle sort!The left side car wheel runs fast on the ground, but the car wheel of the right side abruptly lift to hang empty turn!

“He is how to attain!”


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