regretseses beam Qiao soft slender waist

But, the fact is to can not exert like person’s idea, the girl knows, this day, sooner or later still will arrive of, be like now so, although just a small matter, but is 1 to change, this change, displayed the change that the dragon flies the attitude to her.
“Daddy, I, I, really need to seek an another man, just is all right?”
In mind the girl Zheng Zheng thinks, pure Mou son the inside is unexpectedly already tears to spend flickering.
【154 】 midnight thin language
At 12:00, midnight’s the watch on the beam Qiao wrist punctually vibrated.WWw!
Detect there vibrates of voice, the beam Qiao started to beat a gape and threw on clothes, walk to the dragon fly nearby, to his way:”Like, you take a rest, I come to immediately after guard.”
See the beam Qiao get up, Long Fei twists a head to took a look her, then steals an eye and sees for a while already asleep of Xu Xin wait person, don’t feel once the in the mind move, not only didn’t pass by a sleeping, on the contrary is a stretch hand beam Qiao the Lan enter a bosom and hug her to sit down together.
The emotional stirrings arrives the man’s warmth to embrace, beam Qiao small face a red, the heart has dynamic tiny lowly head, nestle in his bosom way:”You are dry what?Or breakfast go to bed, tomorrow still need to walk faster, don’t be too tired.”
Mi eye”Be free, I don’t trap, I accompany you to say a short while words, ” Long Fei says Prada UK Outlet words and ordered root smoke and slowly and longly takes out, to beam Qiao way:”Just I thought for a while and allowed a Xin guess of right, those persons who follow us, should be the persons of dark black cent brigade.”
“Why will you guess so?What according to?”The beam Qiao looking at Long Fei, some doubt of knitting the brows and asking way.
“After you still remembered our demon pass in the town, did the mulberry ascend that old headman to make a telephone call for me?”Long Fei says words, continue way:”He said at that time I got into a big disaster and also said what record image, but at that time, because the signal broke, I had no to ask to know a circumstance.Now is thought, should be we are rare in R.O.C especially the combat condition of crest layer was clapped down by the hidden television networks, then Li Si got hold of to record image especially and pressed for several days behind, handed over up, hence lead long the life experience problem of bond maid.Above of person, should be the true identity that has already noticed bond maid.So, they just send the person of dark black cent brigade to deal with ours.However, I ain’t too some understand of BE, they since want to deal with us, why did send three people?Might it not be, do they feel that we are very defenseless?”
Figure out after following own person’s true identity, the number problem of the other party, have been the problem that Long Fei thinks impassability.
Because, fly according to the dragon to the empire that understand of the ruthlessness system, they once discovering a half-breed, that kind of make track for to kill to be very crary, at least, if the other party contains a person, they will ast least send ten people’s strength rounds to kill, but if the other party contains a team, they perhaps will directly send a whole dark black cent brigade lays siege to the other party, in fine, they do it feeling, be stop at nothing of, being the righteous with no can speak.
“This, you can not the important cause be little for their number, drop with the light heart, as I see it, the behaviour style of dark black cent brigade is such of, they are generally to send a vanguard small cent brigade first, general this small cent brigade is three people, be responsible for having eyes fixed on the target, then they will be close behind to send big troops to keep up with a small cent of brigade, choose suitable opportune moment, carry on rounding to kill to the target, if they really want that removing is whistling, that they absolutely can’t send a so a little amount number.Now, may because we have already gone deep into the interior region of demon clan, they activity inconvenience, so the big troops just slowly didn’t keep up with, if I didn’t guess wrong, if we now is in the southern city, believe that we should be early and then is laid siege to by up to 100 dark black members.”Liang Qiao says words and knits the brows to contemplate a way:”So, now our circumstances very of danger.Because, dark black cent brigade, the times all probably catch up us and carry on rounding to kill to us, if make them catch up us, I feel, we the possible destined disaster Be difficult to escape, because of, the persons of dark black cent brigade all after the cutthroat of special training, their meanses are very of cruelty of.” Cheap Mens Prada Shoes
“Now is seen, we only two roads can choose, ” hears the description of beam Qiao, Long Fei Jin lock double eyebrow, the facial expression is some to dignifiedly say.
“Which two roads, how do you prepare to do?”The beam Qiao is some to absentmindedly looking at Long Fei to ask a way.
“1 is to walk faster quickly, those persons who track us, thoroughly fling off, ” Long Fei says words and knit the brows to think for a while, continue way:”Still have 1 is stupid lacking innovation, wait that what dark black vanguard the small cent brigade catch up, then do them and broke their to track of heart.”
“Come to see currently, also only these two roads, but I feel that Article 2 is more difficult, know, those dark black member of team are to excel to conceal a figure very much, so, want to remove them, in fact not easy, ” beam Qiao says words, continue way:”I see rather and like this like, we continue first to go forward and think a way to thoroughly fling off the troops that tracks us, if jilt not to drop, we think a way again to remove them.How do you feel?Anyway we had Ni mulberry now and marched forward speed very quick, they if have no dependable pileup, can not catch up us.”
“Boon, that does so, anyway the purpose of our this trip, is arrive ice forest for month, not entwine for beast with this, ” Long Fei says words and touches between the eyebrows, hugging of some regretseses beam Qiao soft slender waist, soft track:”Ha ha, this all the way, it is a pain to pour you, you, for the sake of me sacrifice so many, I really need to thank you just go.”
“Good, not be saying so many polite remarkses, you still divide with me what each other?Said again, you not is also killed off glasses Wang She for me?To know this is that I live in this the last wish is in the world, ha ha, so say, you need not thank mine, I just implement my promise now, “beam Qiao say words, some awkward and shy small blush with shame smooth, depend fly in the


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