A living room wooden floor general use bright colors

Hue is the color of wood flooring names, such as yellow, red, brown and so on. Refers to the relative lightness of color brightness , color purity refers to the relative purity of the basic characteristics of these flooring . So consumers choose wood floor color need to be considered when what areas?

A living room wooden floor general use bright colors

The overall decor of the living room is the most important factor in determining the color of the wood floor . Distinctive style strong dark shades floor , and light colored flooring gives the most simple, elegant feel.

Second, the general use of light-colored wood bedroom floor

In selecting the bedroom floor , it is best not to use with too red , too dark on the floor , which makes people do things extreme impulses , anger is big on family good health. Bedroom floor is the most suitable flooring neutral colors such as beige, gray floors , etc., which makes the color coordination of yin and yang , the harmonious family. Often, many people will laid wooden floor in the bedroom . In fact, the timber colors are also very suitable for the bedroom wooden floor of the primary colors make people peace of mind , you can make a couple emotional stability . In addition , the color of the floor of the room should pay special attention to children . Floor color too easy to let the children depressed, could not stay at home , and often ran out ; flooring color is too bright , and cause the child to feel uneasy , temper becomes irritable . Therefore , the choice of color on the floor , they can based on the child ‘s preferences, selecting the similar color of light-colored floor.

Third, the study generally use a light color wood flooring

Color affects the human visual effects for the expansion of warm colors, cool colors for the contraction of color . Therefore, the small surface area of ??study to choose a cool dark tones or concise floor area expanded engender feelings . If you choose a strong sense of warm floors will make the space appear more narrow , increasing the sense of oppression . In addition, the choice of color , texture, or should be ruled effects tend to be small to avoid large and chaotic patterns.

Fourth, restaurant general use Warm wood floors

Restaurant off the ground color to the background color of the kitchen , and floor coverings are long renovation , under normal circumstances , would not be changed frequently , so to select a number of factors should be considered . Among them, the neutral color of the wood flooring has been a popular color , but if an appropriate combination of dark wood floors can achieve the desired effect .wpc decking italy price
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