Yangming jade in Europe in early morning


Yangming jade in Europe in early morning of good heart feeling, now had no, heard a piece a blare to suddenly come to very intimate form of address and’appreciate your big plain wheat roll ah’, and see its person that trivial to come home of face facial expression and, associated oneself very naturally the dew meat last night affairs, think piece a blare is intentionally take a big plain wheat roll concealed shoot the heavy snow of his/her own that place of white!

“Piece on blaring, you bastard!Early know me and then should give you the small twisted dough-strips for buying a fried paste!Hum!”

Because a Jiao of exasperation scolds, the red Audi is suddenly rapid to drive away, if not that piece a blare Shan quick, almost drive car the side took to fly to go out!

“Cao!This woman in early morning delivers what crazy ……feed, you go to which, while on the way of the words take me!Cao!”

Wretchedness in the sky sees, once the p Cheap Nike Shoes Sale iece blare and sincerely want and thank Yangming jade in Europe this time, because he also has never thought, Yangming jade in Europe buys a time and comes early and just looking at and runs fast disappeared red Audi at the moment so early in the morning, piece a blare is also depressed and matchless, it is a private to have to in the wayside draw down, beat a car and go to school.

Just to face city City, piece a blare haven’t bought a car, however he has already thought it’s good, a till weekend, certain turn in car City, then buy a special and spectacular sedan, hereafter Be free and then drive and take the small mm cheating goes for a ride ……sum, how can be cheat, should be draw on just right!
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Arrived outside in the school, after settling carfare, piece a blare to would be to walk in facing school to, but the person haven’t gone to school, rapid from the seeing stop another side in the door at the school few black sedans stand down four middle ages that take sunglasses of big fellow, toward a piece a blare to rush about since then.

Once the piece blare and also is to discover four actions of sunglasses middle ages, the eyebrows is tiny wrinkly next, would be by oneself grind to a stop next step.

“Is a piece a blare a Sir?”

Among four middle ages, for head of an inside year of stand in the piece on blaring before the body, would be chilly openings of way.

“If you call I once the piece blare a ha Nike Air Max 87 Shoes ndsome boy, I more easily accept some.”

Piece a blare to smilingly say.

The middle age big fellow sees a piece on blaring to by this time still have the courage smelly fart, immediately sneer at 1 and says:”Since is you good.We Wu Teng’s young master want to ask you to pass by 1.”

“Wu Teng’s young master?Day the people?”

Piece a blare once the smiling facial expression pull and would be a cold voice to ask a way.
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“It is quite good.Our young master is the martial rattan of day country Wu Teng’s group big Lang, is facing city City to manage branch at present.The Wu Teng young master hears there from the friend that you is a superior, so wants to hand over a friend with you, wants to ask you to pass by 1.”

Say polite remarks on the sunglasses middle age mouth, but face top but is to have no polite meaning, even and another 3 people are more unclear piece a blared a pack to clip.

“You return to tell that what martial big Lang, he isn’t to hear, I am a superior!However and the day the people make friend, I have no interest.You had better also roll for me far point, otherwise don’t blame me Don’t mention it!”

Once the piece blare dark to wear a face and say chillily.

These four people say China language the Chi is clear, should is all China person, not that day the people just to, but see these 4 people incredibly for the sake of a day the people to difficult[one] China person of they, the in the mind has already had a foul atmosphere Teng to rise!Person like this, if fight a period in the country, that is directly a traitor of China!Even if at modern society, is also should suffer a casting off of civil clan!

Piece a blare to have no objection to the people carries on a proper work for the people in day, that is the demand of existence, but if have the people for the sake of the people in day but humiliate a native person, that he isn’t consumedly great!Want to directly make moves to beat a person to be even!Particularly his current identity, is also deeply despise to this person with detestation!


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