the second floor wooden floors collapsed

Recent foreign media reports, the U.S. Mississippi a church center on the second floor wooden floors collapsed, which caused 35 people were injured , fortunately no life-threatening. The relevant staff to view found that the floor of the wooden floor show “V” -shaped collapse. According to the relevant understanding , although this building was built in 1998 , but not before there is any ” injury” signs along the way are quite smooth . Regardless of whether the accident caused by the collapse of the wooden floor , but the wood floor is being used for many consumers, floor maintenance issues also need to ” put on the agenda .”

Most consumers will pay special attention to when purchasing wood flooring quality and environmental indicators , but later became home to buy its ” fend for themselves ” , only rarely take initiatives wood floor care , but also for wood floor care knowledge is totally unaware. Many businesses would ” root out ” this ” loophole” , a variety of floor care deceive means ” followed ” , greatly accelerates the occasion approaching 3.15 , respectively, include the following “bad shape ” , as we rose up knowledge .

Scam one : While the consumer concept of fuzzy “chaos drugging ”

Face direct home sales floor oil salesman , some consumers are no match for a salesperson to sell offensive , is likely to spend ” heavily ” it bought . Dragon lady who lives west is the case , one day, a salesman holding a floor oil -door selling , saying how how , Miss Long irresistible after the spot test ” shiny ” floors , expansive ocean will be pulled out four hundred bottles foreign language filled with so-called ” brand” floor flooring oil to buy essential oils , but it took a month later when used , the effect is far from the original salesman demonstrates so well , the floor has not only a new look , but is ” scarred . ”

Xiao Bian Discussion : According to Xiao Bian often receive many complaints phone experience shows: most consumers do not know what that floor oils in the end , just know that it is used for floor maintenance . Current market floor oil products varied, not only consumers and even small series are hard to read, you can use third-party certification for product identification and essential oils .

Scam II: free maintenance card by pushing high-priced oil

Last year , specializes in the collection and use of various ” free card” to buy Moumou floor and was a result of ” floor maintenance card ” through this free card , Moumou appointment of a floor maintenance personnel on-site service . Moumou under its ” eloquent “, ” dancing ” a vivid depiction of cruel spend 396 yuan to buy a “preferential” floor oil bottles , then people go , Moumou did not realize they only put attention on the floor the oil , and the original floor maintenance to do is just sloppy maintenance staff to deal with on a hastily .

Xiao Bian Discussion : According to Xiao Bian years stationed in China floor cafe “hegemony ” of experience , suffered a similar incident Moumou consumers are not more than a little too far off the mark , which by then by the merchant service ” secondary mercy .” consumers in the market long way flattering , with respect to such sales methods to sell more directly home comes naturally , so that the entire sales process is also a matter of course , or even make some consumers think : This factory has a service, good . Xiao Bian think they still would like to borrow the name of maintenance , the line of the real people who sell a – , ” said the good care of it free ? ”

Scam III: Pong Industry Association in the name of selling floor oil

This is what happens in the other day thing , Shenyang Chapter XX home decoration has just finished its they received an uninvited phone , the caller said Shenyang Flooring Association service department, as long as the floor in Shenyang are authorized to purchase them free maintenance . Chapter XX has never been a small profit of greedy people , then call the service department floor after purchase confirmed his company did not authorize or send any free maintenance service teams , understanding, Chapter XX only ” survived .”

Xiao Bian Discussion : According to Xiao Bian years of serving stick , has experienced a certain Flooring Association shenma lectures, God horse countless activities for understanding the profound Flooring Association can not say , but ” Little ” at this level still have enough significant , flooring Association will not sell directly to a variety of purposes by a variety of on-site fee-based services to consumers , so this ” sugar daddy ” cheat meter , Xiao Bian could not tucao : wealthy than you think Pong , want to be able Pong Pong !environmentally friendly materials to use for decking
environmentally friendly patio materials
environmentally friendly wood plastic composite


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