daughter has never done the n dream

looking at Long Fei Dao:”That I stipulate, if who don’t tell the truth, later meeting drive he(she) most the lover abandons, be beaten into a pig head by the bad person, bitten into dry skeleton by the ant, tored into two halfs by the tiger, bitten dead by the snake, washed face water to drown, you see how?”
“Sum, good, all right, ” hears girl that cursing of improbity, Long Fei’s forehead came out the cold sweat of 1 F, the in the mind was luckily dark to sigh these just say to play, otherwise, oneself perhaps still really didn’t dare to have fun.
If”is all right, all since stipulate good, that now starts, I ask you the first question now, ” hears the dragon flying, the girl claps very happily small hand to say.
“Stop, wench, you so Be getting more unfair again, who ask first, this is also to have a way, I see rather guess a coin front and back, who guess a rightness, who ask first, not very good?”Long Fei says words, from the pocket in touch a coin, pass to girl’s way:”Throw for a while, the Wu lives, I guess reverse side, there is the side of national insignia.”
If”Xi, that I guess face to face like, ” heard the dragon flying, girl once the coin throw, then the hands answer, Wu get up, then slowly take away a hand, discover that coin unexpectedly and is a reverse side with an upward exposure.
“Ha ha, I win, so, I ask first, Hey Hey, this is just fair, ” sees this condition, Long Fei wreathed in smilesly says words, very stingy of take that coin back, re- fill pocket, then just the full face satisfiedly looking at a girl, pure settle throat of way Mens Prada Shoes UK :”Listen to good, I could start.”
“Wu, ask quickly, see you satisfied of, isn’t won first hand, waited to dismount top and then changed me to ask, ” sees Long Fei satisfied appearance, girl Jue wears a small mouth and disdain to very much of say.
“Hey Hey, that we can say like, if my problem you don’t answer, that you can had no power to continue again to counter-question me, you understand?”Long Fei Mi sees a girl and sees for the sake of insurance, again thin turned a rules of the game.
If”boon, this certainly, you hurriedly ask, old headman, you are really enough bothersome of, ” hears the dragon flying, girl some impatient Dians wear small feet and say.
“Is all right, that I ask you, you did the time of the n dream of ch ū for the first time, the dream arrived of who is the man ?”
The words that hear a girl, Long Fei very the town certainly pose a question.
【119 】 father female sincere talk
It is morning, the half gets empty a red r ì to hang high up, and the weather is very good.Www,
But, now the sun the girl of the underneath, at this time small face but is reder than the sun, but her eyes was full of indignant flame more.
Her hands stand with arms akimbo, the small breast is continuously to rise and fall, deep and lowly breathe heavily spirit, have already wanted to hurtle up, sit on the someone on the wheel chair to chock to death.
The girl really doesn’t know this person to exactly is to isn’t his/her own father, really don’t know this guy how so the Tian has no sense of shame of speak so trivial words.
The n dream of ch ū , also for the first time, return dream arrive of the man is who.
If the girl connects this problems can answer, that she wasn’t a female kid.
But, Long Fei is it happened that the so thick Yan is shameless, so mean hatefully asked the question that makes people feel matchless shame.
Girl’s in the mind really defies him not to go.
“Do not go, whistling, you have to calm down, you have to calm down, don’t win the bad person’s trick, he asks so you and put clear is intentionally difficult you, want to make you give up this game of, so, you can not be so easy to accomplish of fall into trap!”
However, cut up rough to return exasperation, get angry return animation, a girl’s end still in mind compulsive oneself calms down and cautiously analyzed a mental activity of Long Fei now, right away make have already understood the idea that the dragon flies.
Very obviously, Long Fei already expect a girl to wait next be asking him what problem, so, for evading these problems, he intentionally bothersome greater half sky, and obtain the power that the initiative asks, then the whole such a problem come, wants to be difficult to liv Prada Outlet e the girl and lets her retreats in the face of difficulties.
By so doing, he can once escape a to rob smoothly, need not faced an interrogating of girl.
Open to play pleased, let me say that the leave words cheat bond maid?How does that go?Didn’t you hear her that cursing of improbity?This in case of if cash, oneself be not still resent than the Dou E?Said a sentence false words, as for so heavy punishment?
So, Long Fei wishes elusion and forces a girl to retreat in the face of difficulties, don’t want to consequently be cursed to add a body as well.
However, Long Fei obviously underrates the girl’s heart x ì ng, is squinting Jing at him because of, , the girl was already to recover wrath, came out his problem answer when the full face is satisfied.
“Is ashamed, old daddy, the daughter has never done the n dream of ch ū , so, also talk which man the not last dream arrives.Sum, you trust, hereafter I if do, the dream arrives who, I will tell yours, “the girl squint Jing and looking at Long Fei to say.
“Sum, what?Do you make sure that what you said is true?”The words that hear a girl, Long Fei forbids not to live one Zheng, the full face embarrassedly asks a way.
“Certainly is true, you think that I am your this big wolf of s è, have the n dream of ch ū every evening, the bed sheet made dirty one and other, you know not to know that I wash very difficultly each time!”Hear the dragon fly of words, girl the full face is abashed angered of the horselaugh finish saying and immediately after allow of no cent to say:”Like, now it’s my


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