Quality frequent incidents , the flooring industry questioned

At this stage, with the gradual promotion Rights Day approaching 3.15 , are beginning to turn around complaint channel , but in general , consumer issues flooring industry in recent years, emerging , and even 3.15 Consumer Rights Day is becoming the major flooring companies day holiday promotions .

Quality frequent incidents , the flooring industry questioned

Last year, on Sept. 18 , according to the State Forestry Administration AQSIQ jointly announced the 2013 Plywood, Laminate flooring , particle board, block board, bamboo flooring and other five categories of forest products quality supervision and inspection results . Among them, 2013 Laminate flooring product quality supervision and inspection results , sampling 180 production of 180 batches Laminate wood flooring products , a total of 22 batches of the product does not meet the sampling criteria.

October 30 , the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau on 100 batches of wood flooring brands were sampling, subsequently published the Shanghai Municipal wooden floors sampling results in the sampling of 100 batches of wood flooring brand , 17 batches of sampling results for the failure , a failure rate as high as 17 %.

Xiao Bian learned that domestic flooring industry standards are not unified , not standardized, in many areas , national standards and norms is still in perfect condition does not sound likely to cause the industry “cut corners ” , but also to some unscrupulous businessmen to take advantage of virtual and into opportunities , and therefore in addition to the introduction of relevant national production standards outside flooring companies have strict self-discipline, strictly control the production of each procedure .

Becomes increasingly consumer rights day holiday promotions

Many people in the industry can not help but think, why frequent quality problems ? To a large extent , the problem stems from the quality of the floor , in the increasingly fierce competition in the industry status quo , some enterprises in order to protect sales , shoddy, low price . Regulatory authorities in default , then make some of the products in question in circulation . In addition , despite the current enhance people’s awareness of rights , but a lot of people , ” trouble ” thinking is still to some extent, increasing speculation rose businessmen arrogance .

Nowadays, 3.15 became an opportunity for business enterprises hype publicity stunt , promotional activities : “The polite into the store ,” ” buy 1000 to send 500 ” kind of marketing gimmick after another. 3.15 of ” consumer protection ” as the focus of the day is gradually transformed into a ” center of gravity to lure consumers ‘ promotional spree. Gobbledygook done, shouting slogans integrity , engage in promotional activities , sales rose, activity prices drop – enterprises, businesses , customers “happy” , a peacefulness, in fact , exist drawbacks industry , consumer trap have not been resolved , over time, this will eventually become a carnival last supper .

In addition, although many companies opened a hotline , but the product sold or opinions no longer ignore the phenomenon have occurred . Therefore, whether or deterioration of product quality issues , industry, business, consumer tripartite 3.15 has a responsibility . In this situation , I believe that 3.15 is still a long road in China . ” Consumer rights ” should not be just a holiday, but should gradually normalized, every day is 3.15 .wood balcony plans
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