Verbatim slim and stylish ultra-thin high-speed USB reader

U disk is now used as a popular type of electronic products, a study , office, one of the essential business of digital products. With the continuous development of products, small and portable, high-speed transmission , durable USB flash drives have become the products of today’s most basic features .

Verbatim Ultra-thin U disk provide orange, green, and blue color style , the overall dimensions of 30 × 12 × 2mm, weighing about 1.2g, can be easily hung on the keychain . The U disk factory production line from Taiwan , exquisite workmanship , high-level shell is made of ABS plastic , after special treatment and processing technology, particularly ultrasound package, cheap flash drives itself is light , thin, small, but with considerable structural strength, can effectively waterproof, dustproof, shockproof , drop . Effective protection of the data .

Verbatim Ultra-thin usb pen with Japan and South Korea -tier manufacturers of Class A flash particles , 2GB version maximum write speed 9M / S, read speed of 19M / S; 4GB/8GB versions but there is a maximum write 13M / S, read take 30M / S high-speed read and write performance . Compatible with WINDOWS VISTA/XP/2000/ME systems. VISTA READY BOOST support of flash acceleration technology , compatible with APPLE ‘s MACITOSH 9.X above system . Compatible LINUX 2.4 or higher, and can plug and play.


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