the general use of light-colored wood floor bedroom

Laminate flooring has a cheap, stable and good characteristics. Here to remind consumers must be fully taken into account in the choice of laminate flooring , the first thing to consider requiring functional requirements and beauty , in addition to considering the spatial characteristics of form and decoration materials , in general, living room bright and lively colors should be chosen , bedroom colors best warm, softer , elegant study should , dignified, harmonious tones, the dining room should be warm colors .

First, the general use of light-colored wood floor bedroom

Colored people feel light , dark people feel heavy . Most of the room is usually processed from small to large , from shallow to deep , like a small room with white and light-colored , white and light-colored using dado , baseboard use dark , they will not give the sense of oppression .

Second, according to the orientation of the room decorated wooden flooring choice

East of the sun into the room because the first daylight dims the first to leave earlier leaving the room , so use a light warm is often the safest . South-facing rooms sunshine longest time, use the cool wooden floor often makes people feel more comfortable, the room is also more attractive. West of the room due to the impact of the day ‘s most intense sunsets Xi Zhao , deep love with cool wooden floor , so it seems more comfortable. North-facing room no direct exposure to sunlight due , so you tend to choose the color should be used in warm wood floors , and chroma to light .

Three , selected according to the purpose of the room decoration wood

Nine are building network that often determines the purpose of the room you want to create the effect . It should appear bright living room , relax or warm , comfortable, and the restaurant can use the deep dark wood floors. Kitchen is always light bright colors suitable for use , but beware caution warm . Hallway and foyer just play the role of the channel, so you can bold use of color . The bedroom style is completely determined by the individual tastes of different people .

Fourth, according to the shape of the room selected wood

Different colors of wood flooring can change the shape of the room people feel a certain extent. For example, can lower the ceiling looks cool becomes higher , so that widens the narrow room . In the remote room wall color dark degrees , the wall will produce forward effect. Similar effects can alter the appearance of any room .demand for wood plastic composite
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density of plastic wood
density of wood plastic composite and its properties


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