whistling not from wrinkly knit the brows

The girl grows hair like Pu, the shape of the fine and delicate, as if a j the ī ng work properly generally and jump about in Long Fei’s in front, thin white such as the skin of snow, silver bell general of the laughter affect the dragon flies of each nerve.
Absentminded, Long Fei discovers himself/herself and girl unexpectedly returned to a room inside, the girl stands in front of him, disgraces the purse one’s lips of Nan to lower the head and smiles.
But Long Fei can not restrain the impulse of in the mind and love any further then and came forward to crumple into a girl bosom, rough of big hand, reply last girl’s soft and tender skin, hunger and thirst but again greedy of grasp to hold, feel one unprecedented relaxed with fan inebriate………
“Wu, what did I do?”
It is dawn, the dragon flies to wake up from the sleeping and starts Men Prada Trainers Sale to remember the scene in the dream and immediately realized a very serious affair and stretched hand to get down a to touch and immediately realized own some places and had been wet a big slice of.
“I depend, how can this do?”Long Fei looking at his/her own hand up glue of glue the thing of sticking the paste, the emotional stirrings wears to below spread of the felling of dripping wet, with full intention collapse in mind to ponder a way.
【065 】 bad young girl 【two beg more to collect 】
In the morning, brilliant sunlight, spread to come in from the French window agility of villa living room, illuminated the whole space.WWw.
Long Fei mourns arm and beats a gape, two legs are a bit unnatural to fork out, stood down down from the upstairs.
At this time, the girl has already worked well breakfast, is waiting for in the living room.
“Daddy, you come to, Xi Xi, how?Feel a little bit good?”See Long Fei stand down, girl part carry breakfast for Long Fei, part the eyebrow eye is curved curved of ask a way.
The words that hear a girl, Long Fei some Shans of crimes smiled for a while and peeped for a while, the girl discovered that the girl has already changed whole body student to pack.
The last body is a white s the girdle of the è small shirt, descending the body is a blue short skirt of s è of 3 inches of a knee, small bottom wrap up a girl to pretty raise to draw tight, let the girl’s figure, pure work properly but moving, show people one eye, all can not help of a burst of move.
“, Much better, ” Long Fei Shan smiled for a while, some guiltily blink, sit to in the side, the table’s bottom doesn’t aware of self of twisted to twist, felt very is uncomfortable.
“The sum, father had a meal under etc., I went to school go to, at home, your a person is all right of?Wanting at noon don’t I come back to cook a meal for you?”The girl carries breakfast, the opposite flying in the dragon sat down, water worked properly of big eyes, suddenly Shan suddenly lookinging at of Shan Long Fei ask a way.
“Sum, need not, you in the afternoon be not still need to examine?Need not so troublesomely rushed th Men Prada Shoes ough back, you first favour your affair, daddy by himself[herself] can of, you see, be not still have an arm can with activity?”The Long Fei full face loves of looking at a girl, wielded arm, immediately after picked up spoon, start enjoying breakfast.
“Boon, that is all right, that I examined first and came back again in the evening, supper I do for you, ” girl says words and has a meal breakfast and starts a back to have a schoolbag, to Long Fei Dao:”Father, I go to school and go to.”
“Boon, go to, attention of road safety, also have, don’t small fly to take to go to school, asked for an eye too much, knew?”Long Fei is hasing breakfast and lifting to see a girl pure small face and instruct a way.
If”boon, I knew, you were old and then stopped worrying, ” hears the dragon flying, the girl did a grimace to him very very naughtily, carried a schoolbag and had already gone out to go to.
From the home after coming out, the girl sits ascend her tank sports car Be small to fly, all the way lightning fast of arrived at a school.
In the neighborhood of school, seek after a concealment place get off, the girl on foot arrived at inside in the school.
In the morning, gold s the sunlight of the è shines in glory campus and lets the campus seem to be shining and spacious.
The girl carries a schoolbag, at campus big way up, take a stroll of walk.
“Admire, the dragon is whistling, you good, ” at whistling is walking of time, suddenly a very the nozzle voice nearby spread at her, immediately after a girl walks to her flank, shoulder to shoulder go straight up with her.
See that girl, whistling not from wrinkly knit the brows, up and down conjectured her, discovered this girl and was dressed in to expose Qi to pack, mini miniskirt, dye yellow hair, beat an earring on the ear, beat nose wreath on the nostril, also beat a wreath son on the navel, the whole individual, and society of those take a wrong step the young girl is little distinguish, don’t feel in mind have some to reject to her, to she symbol the x ì smiling of Cheap Prada Handbags ng for a while way:”Ha ha, you are also good, what frequently and frequently.”
“Ha ha, the dragon is whistling, this examination, I sit on your flank, by that time, you can help much and more, don’t be too stingy, ” didn’t notice whistling inhospitality, what frequently and frequently and selfishly clap whistling shoulder, say to her.
“Sum, isn’t this all right?Cheat be held tight, but will be dismissed of, “hear that frequently and frequently of words, girl not from knit the brows a way.
“Hum, are you afraid of?My uncle is a vice-president of school, they who dare to dismiss me?”The words that hear a girl, what frequently and frequently not from full face gasconade of say to


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