Wood floor maintenance free home

Wood floor maintenance free home , free leather sofa oiled maintenance free home repair …… cabinet with household products increasingly gentrification and increasing competition , building materials brand began offering more free service. However , these seemingly attractive ” free lunch “, there are many banner free maintenance ” under the guise of ” disguised marketing . In this regard , insiders pointed out that non- free home maintenance fanatic , cut not to seek convenience and cheap.

Currently, the city of Guangzhou in many communities can see the “floor free maintenance” small ads . Sometimes , we will encounter a similar on-site service calls : “You are the owners of certain cell bars , if you buy flooring company sent free on-site maintenance services, to provide services to you right now .” Mood sounds really sincere , let you almost do not have to think completely believe. But this may be just a marketing scam. In fact, this type of phone is just the name of the floor under the banner of free maintenance , disguised sell flooring products such as essential oils , which are either oil prices were inflated , or is three products .

Miss Liu had just encountered this kind of scam , told reporters recently that she loved Mr. Wang received claiming to be a brand flooring telephone , said the company bought the brand owners were free home floor , giving the floor to do maintenance services. Mr. Wang believes that he purchased a brand floor, and the other to provide free home care is more humane to do . So on the one agreed.

Miss Liu said , after claiming to be a staff member of a certain brand of aftermarket floor door, Miss Xiang Liu Detailed knowledge of floor maintenance , said the need for frequent oiling the floor to use for a long time , and finally Miss Xiang Liu introduced an oil , said to be ” high-tech “products, finished also shows the effect of the use of the product . After maintenance, the staff member left four bottles of floor to Ms. Liu oils . “I thought their service really in place, free delivery and maintenance of essential oils .” To the staff , but said the oil should be charged 150 yuan a bottle . Miss Liu told reporters that the home improvement materials , she is the “outsider ” , then bought four bottles of floor oil . Later, Miss Liu learned that this oil market price is only 30 yuan to 40 yuan. Later, Miss Liu Callback other phone , they are shut down.

Free on-site to do maintenance

Miss Liu met with the owners of a few such things , but the key problem is how to get consumers to maintenance personnel are detailed phone and home address ? According to industry sources , some consumers buy decoration materials when leaving phone numbers , often obtained by unscrupulous traders , among them the name of free maintenance flooring banner , disguised marketing situation ” floor oil ” and other products , these products are either prices were inflated , or is three products .

In this regard , the Guangzhou municipal associations to remind the public about the staff , just finished home decoration citizens , faced with this aftermarket manufacturers who claim to be ” free service ,” Do not believe that you can talk to the manufacturer to confirm the seller , to identify the authenticity of the , re- decision.ratio of plastic and wood in wpc
raw composite terrace
raw material for the composite board
raw material for wpc board
raw material of wpc fabrication


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