All-rounder KINGMAX OTG U disk PJ-02 came

Since the advent of the USB technology , until the evolution of USB1.0 USB3.0, transmission speed on the current situation has developed into a bottleneck. At the same time , the super , gen consoles , smart phones, tablet PCs , smart GPS and other smart terminals constantly evolve , USB, miniUSB, microUSB and other transmission interface blossom , thus , the data transfer into the OTG era. Under this background , in the long ago , KINGMAX launched a timely OTG USB – small k series , once available, they received a warm response from the market and channels . At this point KINGMAX no Yasumori both achievements build on the progress , product technology upgrade again , recently re-launched both a traditional USB OTG transmission and the transmission of the versatile U disk – OJ-02, in one fell swoop mainstream smart terminal microUSB USB interface and the traditional interface Clean Sweep , the perfect solution to data storage requirements from different interfaces. The design is so powerful it is a very cheap flash drives .

?KINGMAX PJ-02 is like the mythical two-headed dragon, powerful, exquisite sides . One is the product microUSB transmission interface, through which , PJ-02 will be able to play on the strength of robust storage capabilities with OTG all smart terminals, Xpress random , so storage technology into daily life smoother . At the same time , it can instantly expand smart phones, tablet PCs and other Love Machine storage capacity , watching movies , listening to music , look at pictures …… no longer allow large files occupy Love Machine and magnanimous . Another product is the traditional head of the usb pen interface , sophisticated conventional technology allows users to feel at home , sweet transmission, on the computer , notebooks and other port filling PJ-02 convenience and performance.


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