A floor customized Precautions

“Custom” and not just the style of the production floor in the true sense , but covers the design , layout , production of customized technology , logistics and other aspects of the pursuit of individual consumers, stylish flooring customized to consumers imagine home offers more new choice. Consumers should pay attention to what the problem is custom floor ? Custom fit what floor ? Facet small series and custom floor with you , it says , those things you must know !

A floor customized Precautions

Nowadays , consumers have a home improvement commonly used flooring solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring , and custom floor only applicable to solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring , laminate flooring is not suitable for customization.

Natural wood flooring texture generation, making custom wood flooring , when only custom colors , and textures can not be changed. More and more people seeking personalized , wood floors can not get this part of the people ‘s favorite, and custom parquet floor , because the pattern can be achieved more individualized needs of consumers.

Given the strong consumer demand for high-quality home and personalized, customized floor arrival timed. Custom floor to material, color, style main line runs through the home improvement design, product design, product design and other sectors, to achieve the whole process from design and development , production to construction . Custom floor will bring consumers a new era of building materials , this time so that consumers have a unified style , personality highlight , warm and comfortable home environment.

Second, custom flooring cost issues

Floor customization is carried out in the process , color and other aspects of design and production according to the needs of users , the cost of natural flooring than other ordinary expensive . Moreover, custom flooring installation costs than the cost of an ordinary floor will be higher , the technical requirements for workers is relatively high, the installation of speed is relatively slow, and first calculate , crossed so .

Third, custom fitting floor where the problem

Custom floor general for house decoration or luxury decoration , highlighting the aura of luxury fashion and decoration style. If economic strength is limited, and want to go the route of fashion personality , you can use the wall in the background , this will add a bit to the overall decoration of high-end luxury gas field.

With wooden flooring activity in the market , more and more businesses are valued custom flooring floor position in the decoration sector , have put into production. Therefore, do not believe in the future of custom floor will certainly become more and more accepted by consumers .plastic cladding in south africa
plastic clip decking system as seen on the block
plastic coated wooden decking


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