you can’t want to pocket those

car good?”
“Ha ha, good, good, 2 pleases follow me, car in the hall!”Be been a burst of to cry up by the little girl, the old man son sale member not from with full intention happy, wreathed in smiles of got 2 people to walk into a store inside.
“2 please see, this be we produce this year of lately of a style of intelligence sports car, capacity in the world sells five sets, but cans hardly buys of, you choose to buy this trolley, that can really at last earn.”After walking into a store, the old man son sells a member not from point at to sell the hall zh ō ng y ā the ng parks of one set shape is unique, whole body the Mao is bright to sway the sports car of eye, fly 2 people toward the dragon of introduction way.
“Sum, old headman, do you make sure that this is a car?”Hear the introduction of that old headman, Long Fei not from wrinkly eyebrows, the full face puzzles of looking at that”car” to ask a way.
If”Hey Hey, the owner trusts, this car, although the shape is unique,absolutely is a car, doing not believe you can sit into to have a look, ” hears the dragon flying, the old man son sale member not way bent from the waist introduction by wearing a smile.
“, This car is too really a Jing, ha ha, absolutely similar to the tank, ” Mens Prada Shoes Long Fei is knitting the brows and the old headman inquire the time of circumstance, but the girl of flank is to have already with full intention and excitedly run to car flank, have some to don’t want to put it away of daut that automotive of bodywork.
“Hey Hey, the taste of this young girl is very original, we the original intention of this car design, be have to be similar to the tank, can turn over mountain more Ling, cross mountains mountain to wade across water, like Lyu flat ground, you don’t see the shape of this car some oddness, but I can tell you, this kind of shape but appoint the international well-known designer designs of, not only can effectively reduce air resistance, but also can also effectively reduce radar anti- noodles of sh è, own good invisible effect.”The words that hear a girl, old headman not from full face heap smile of is the girl’s introduction way.
If”I depend, old guy, you enough lack of impartiality of, give me of the Zha has no this invisible x ì ng ability, ” hears old headman, Long Fei not from the mouth of Pie Pie, close to he nearby, low voice of complaint way.
“Go, you that meeting not is didn’t°yet this technique, you the part is foolish, I still have to give the young girl introduce the x ì of new car ng ability, ” hears the complaint that the dragon flies, the old headman isn’t stared him for a while by Pie eye, a feet chase he kick away, then continue and introduce the x ì ng of the new car for girl can go.
【030 】 Gu Zhen difficult sleep?
After”old grandpa, you see the car that we so greatly and from afar run to buy you, you can want to us special discount a point, ” saw a tank sports car 1 turn, mood very relaxed girl, not from eyebrow eye curved curved of pull old man son the mulberry ascends of arm, the voice acting in pettish says.WWW,
“Sum, ha ha, good, good, that I give you the price of the 10% discount, fold to calculate down like this, the price of this car can only have 10,000,000 more, ah, I sold this car, but connect retired to enjoy life money don’t earn, ” doesn’t live the voice that the girl acts in pettish, the old man son mulberry ascends immediately a full face heap smile of declined price down.
“Oh, what more, grandpa, 10,000,000, you don’t well say very, beg you, 10,000,000, 10,000,000, are you optimistic about?”Although the old headman has already declined price down,the girl remains is a continuing of old experience way to reduce price.
See a girl really is some j īs ng clear, the old man son mulberry ascends to have to appear one face meat painful facial expression, wrinkly the face sigh a way:”Is all right, that 10,000,000, however, this money but make the ì ng is all paid, can not have already born debt.”
“Xi Xi, old grandpa, you stop worrying, we start doing a procedure and finish doing a procedure now, I give you money right away, you see, did I bring checks all.”Seeing the price has already declined to ideal scope, girl not from greatly elated, the small face fire is red, take out the check in the pocket, pass the mulberry ascends of in front.
“Ha ha, good, the young girl indeed as expected is a generous person, come, follow grandpa, I carry out to transfer ownership a procedure for a while to you.”Seeing the girl has already taken out money, the old man son mulberry ascended to no longer continue to whet Ji, very gener Mens Prada Trainers UK ous cachinnation for a while, take girl to carry out to transfer ownership a procedure.
After procedure does well, after girl handed over to the mulberry the check ascend, the mulberry ascends and then takes out a car with similar cellular phone key, pass a way to the girl:”Young girl, this is the car key, you can use this intelligence remote control and your car dialogue, to, you can also rise a name for him, you stop worrying, the electronics system of this car is the whole world the most advanced of, wait to descend you with the car key after opening system, input your fingerprint, iris, voice, and skin scraps DNA verification information after, so this car, completely belonged to you, who also rob not to walk, you are its only host.”
” Ha ha, too good, daddy, you chat first with old grandpa, I test the car!”Hear old man son the mulberry ascend of words after, girl not from with full intention and excitedly hold car key, sat into car inside, start testing the car go to.
“Ha ha, old guy, hand in, ” sees the girl sit into to go to in the car, Long Fei not from close to mulberry to ascend nearby, stretch hand to him.
“Hand over what?If I old man’s house doesn’t owe your thing, ” hear the dragon flying, mulberry’s ascending be not taken out by corner of mouth to smile for a while, so make don’t know of say.
“Feed, old headman, you can’t want to pocket those 10,000,000 checks?”See mulberry ascend to say so, Long Fei isn’t looking at him by full face meaningful smiling face to ask a way.
“Sum, this is the security deposit, my cars all give your daughter, accept some security deposit, however divide?”Hear if the dragon fly, mulberry’s ascending isn’t said with a smile by Shan.
“Pull down, I can have never heard of it to still have what security deposit system, you don’t go around in circles with me and hurriedly hand in, Hey Hey, otherwise I can want to rob!”Long


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