outside in the school a not far

school is these hotels that win a low file time, the restaurant became new studentses ground the head chooses.After all 90% of universities return alive all BE’poor people’so to there is no outlaw in those small hotels!

The piggy pig says of that’water cook fish’leave a school not far, not calculate small, also not calculate greatly, she is also listen to a college inside of learn an elder brother to learn elder sister to say in of, this fish store is more well-known, very old characters, the price is very substantial, to the university student at the school, is suiting however, the guest in everyday flows also continuously!

“The Re was this, does elder sister Nana visit is all right?”The piggy Men Prada Trainers Sale pig stands at’fish store’outside, hug square the arm of the Nuo, slanting cerebellum light the son ask.

Square Nuo didn’t talk, wearing a smile saw my one eye, my knowing that she is to fear me to keep mouth these several years Diao, will eat didn’t spoil this small store ground thing, can she again how can anyone know, I be employ a soldier that two years, almost person’s meat has never eaten, besides which, what have never eaten, under the sistuation that didn’t supply in the battlefield, hungry pole, what all eat!

“Shout, frighten to death me, I still thought our piggy does the younger sister want to take us to go to five-star hotel!”I intentionally grow to breath a sigh of relief and smile a way.

“Hum, today first calculate, affirm to kill your ground well next time, you can not run ground!”Say four girls walked into first.

Eight people wanted a packet, the piggy pig ordered basin here of especially”color” vegetables water cook fish, Xia with spread to all respectively order an oneself to like to eat a ground of vegetables, square Nuo’s smiling don’t order.The most malicious was a this boy of Wa Cheap Prada Shoes ng Bao Qiang, what lobster, abalone, swallows’ nest, the hairy crab ordered “disorderly” a , wear so to say, don’t beg to eat best of, but beg to eat to arrive the the most expensive, two words, put Kuo!

“Husband, do you give up friend to pay?”The square Nuo embraces my arm and smiled to ask a sentence, voice not big, but at the right moment let room all people all hear.The square Nuo is intentional, probably is want to test Wang Bao Qiang, my smiling don’t speak.

“Ha ha, the elder brother’s wife stops worrying, I can’t kill poor eldest brother of, this calculates mine, foolish will sing to the kt that just calculate eldest brother!”Wang Bao Qiang smiled to once connect words and the slightest had no on the face what not quick, or the facial expression of dark, let who all see of come out, is come from sincerely say this words!

“Luo Luo, that elder brother’s wife also Don’t mention it ……attendant, bother you to take two bottles of Mao sets again, my husband likes to drink that, he says that pretty soft of, to, want to be best of that kind of!”The square Nuo smiled to beat to loudly point and called the attendant to come over a way.

“Elder brother’s wife, be not, so malicious?”Wang Bao Qiang exaggeratedly bellowed.

“Ha ha ……”‘s present persons all smiled.
Prada Shoes For Men Sing!”Finish eating after meal, Wang Bao Qiang is all some hair matters with what Huang Shi Ren drank, he the born alcohol is allergic, the drop wine doesn’t be stained with!”Good good!”The piggy pig also calls to create a big noise, four beauties also all BE’hero in wine’, unexpectedly make them polish off two bottles of red wines.

“Is wild!” At leave outside in the school a not far, in etc. file time, however the person flows suddenly and violently many!Eight people went in to want one big reserved box, then opened Wang Bao Qiang to speak out loud and then sing to open, voice that calls a -unpleasant to hear!Is shocked of connect a spreading of fair lady type all unbearable dynasty his bottom last Chuai one feet!

“The song absolute being sings into you so, our heart is early ground!”Spread Du 囓 sentence, the inside answered words tube to come over from the Wang Bao Qiang’s hand.This boy just canned


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