Wang Biao metal U disk 8G

USB is currently the fastest growing popularity of digital products has become an essential tool for business owners around . For office workers , USB afraid to lose, it means that data once lost is lost or leaked ! Is undoubtedly the best way to put together the flash drive and keychain . The second is USB inevitable bump in everyday life , easily damaged, USB alloy shell do better protective . This is a convenient and practical and cheap flash drives .

Appearance, Wang Biao Biao Wang SFD199 with other U disk of the same product , this SFD199 with a new packaging design , transparent plastic packaging can clearly see the appearance of U disk , consumers have a higher appeal . Wang Biao SFD199 U disk with a unique design, the side view is like a whistle , although metal U disk more, but this style is rare, and I believe that those consumers who like the early adopters is a very good product.

Material respects , Biao Wang SFD199 shell material is relatively unique , with a full metal casing, then after a polished surface , Metal can effectively protect the usb pen memory chips and particles , the effective protection of data security . Wang Biao SFD199 U disk using the popular COB packaging technology , with a drop, shock, waterproof three defenses .

Performance, Biao Wang SFD199 did not use the most current USB3.0 interface, still using the more common USB2.0 interface, the theoretical data transfer rate reached 480Mbps, through the use of international manufacturers of high -quality master chip and particles, which actually should be in the data read and write speeds 10MB / S so, so performance and market the same mainstream products .


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