High-end laminate flooring demand will gradually increase

Affected by rising raw material prices and industry competitive pressures, the wood products industry is generally low margins, the industry generally believe the high-end laminate flooring can solve the drawbacks of low-margin , but the domestic brands in this field is still a lot of room .

Tuesday , Jiuding investment and scholarly ground floor officially signed on as its new partner . Jiuding investment partner at the signing ceremony , said Li Xin , investment scholarly took a fancy to its expansion in the high-end market .

Li Xin said that the overall growth rate of the past five years the wood floor nearly 13 %, significantly higher than the overall economic growth. Overall gross profit margin wood floor is relatively low, have the advantage of large -scale manufacturers can reduce procurement costs through centralized procurement unit . Standardized scale production to reduce fixed costs in order to get the unit to establish the comparative profitability of small and medium manufacturers on the basis of cost advantage in Maori , the establishment of large-scale production of certain barriers .

He believes that strengthening the growth of high-end flooring , laminate flooring will squeeze the existing brands in the market space.

According to the Forest Industry Association data , laminate flooring industry growth will slow down slightly in the next few years, but still more than 10 % growth rate , leading surface decoration materials .

A household planning agency executives said , because of the scarcity of timber resources , wood flooring has become aristocratic products, while Chinese people’s awareness to strengthen the floor in the low-end products in general are .

He said that domestic laminate flooring leading enterprises, including large-Technology (000910.SZ) ‘s Power Dekor , Del household (002631.SZ), Sichuan Shengda Forestry Industry (002259.SZ) and other brand names are the higher cost of strengthening flooring for the main products , strengthening the domestic high-end market is still occupied by imported brands.

He felt that with the gradual consumption younger ages , large domestic real estate developers, strengthening consumer demand for high-end flooring will gradually increase.floor decoration designs
floor for swimming pool deck
floor option around pool area


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