Status flooring industry development trend

With the rapid economic development, the development of the flooring industry is more prominent, flooring industry now has nearly 3,000 brands, but each brand is not the same grade , the gap between rich and poor individuals form different levels of consumer sectors and groups . Thousands of brands to meet this situation, you can find its market segments , thus forming a special format flooring industry in circulation .

Status flooring industry development trend

As the manufacturing base to produce scattered chain supporting imperfect , poor logistics, industrial production and circulation of the floor has been at a low level state , format the urgent need to upgrade. Building brand too much , good and bad , duplication serious excess capacity in urgent need of restructuring.

The original consumer class stratification too much, too much spending power difference . With the per capita disposable income increases, consumption has quietly upgraded flooring products cheaper on demand has not a single price , more is considered to enhance the quality of life , so the market will focus on a small number of excellent quality and service brands .

The real estate prices rose too fast , resulting in asset bubbles directly pushed up operating costs. Whether it is industrial land , or commercial storefront , the high cost of property , serious deviation from the market value , producers and operators bear the heavy operating costs, resulting in benefits can not be maintained at a reasonable level , severely restricted the continued operation and innovation capabilities.

The rapid rise in labor costs , labor cost advantage is gradually lost , low value-added products have been unable to maintain long-term floor operations.

Future trends in circulation flooring industry manufacturing

After the last stage of economic development, China’s flooring company has completed initial accumulation , the next decade will be the decade flooring industry, acquisitions, mergers , and resources will be gradually concentrated to a small number of high-quality companies.

With tilt industry mergers and acquisitions, financing and social resources , real estate developers , leaving only a small number of large enterprises. Development of new energy saving due to the demand for real estate , basically refined decoration . Thereby forming a minority brand building materials and a few real estate developers point of alliance , co-operative , a long-term marketing and distribution patterns. Interior design company will also focus on a small number of well-known enterprises , direct cooperation and floor decoration design business enterprises can more easily for high-end consumer demand for personalized services .

Professional flooring market size and market share is shrinking . Because flooring brands in reduced formation of brand building materials sales model , brand developers, brand decoration design company point alliance of mainly rents rising demand for traditional professional market greatly reduced .

The rapid development of online shopping . Building service line under the continuous improvement of basic building materials to meet the low-end consumer , to meet sales relatively high degree of standardization of building materials products .

All kinds of brand building show conceptualized . Future brand floor Product development is relatively mature and stable , mostly belonging to the traditional building material industry, new product launch tempo will slow, the demand point of transfer to demonstrate improved brand reputation , it would choose a more bustling center district, Product development and design concepts and ideas .

In short, with all walks of life resource integration , industry mergers and acquisitions , the flooring industry need to shorten the middle of circulation types of distribution costs, saving traditional showrooms and personnel costs , both supply and demand will continue to adjust to the direct point of sales , alliances of cooperation the production and circulation patterns.composite wood deck singapore
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