lotus mansion is from the center door

“Grandmother doesn’t say so.Which have lord does the son do day and hour of birth for wench?Grandmother could remember a day, was the blessing of white lotus.”White the lotus is pure docile, but isn’t silly, a few words come down, the heart livings loophole.

“Is simply to make whole gift at a time for so some years, how?”Qiu San Niang uncovers a box of cover, takes out a spool of paper and there is also one small notebook.

The Mo is purple to that old old papers is what completely can not see clearly, but that notebook acquaints with very much and originally looks exactly alike with the door on the her hand.

“White lotus, this is your to sell the body a contract.”Qiu San Niang’s center of palm of hand holds that paper upward, dynasty white the lotus passed in the past, tiny smiled, ” took go to.Oneself wants to keep when reads to think, or tears to pieces to don’t remember again, you decide.Need not worry to sell the body a contract to fall an other people’s hand and added authorities to greatly print, Cheap Prada is already a wastepaper.You from now hereafter, comfortable body comfortable heart, oneself makes decision.”

The this time words are a , surprised get several people not to know how to respond be, pleased frighten to be recognized with difficulty.

The white lotus one-step Ceng comes forward, the hands once connected paper book and solved a rope to open to see along while and sent to Mo purple in front, “the Mo is purple, I don’t know a word, and you see for me.”

The green chrysanthemum calls way, “good elder sister, don’t you know a word to still see old along while?My hearts all jumped a throat eye.”

The Mo purple lo gets to paper book up have the chapter to is a to consumedly discard a word, the small word writes a big week door department stamp seal and exergue day, nod, “really is a white lotus your sell the body a contract and have been already canceled.”Want Men Prada Trainers Sale ……congratulate?The facial expression pallor of white lotus of.

And stand the just across the street red plum also have no happy facial expression, it is an eye bottom to pour a put on a misgiving.

The green chrysanthemum has no mind’s eye most and clap hands to keep speech well, “the elder sister kowtow for grandmother to thank for favor quickly, from now on, you were a comfortable person, much good.”

Once she finish saying, the white lotus really knelt down.Kneel very heavily, the knee bumps ground, bang bang is a two times.

“Grandmother this is needless white lotus?”Compare green chrysanthemum to think much, the white lotus is very uneasy, ” so, just make daughter-in-law in the clock house seek kitchen Niang?”Originally thinking to is the assistant for her is after all a big Ya wreath, can not have been staying, either in the kitchen.See again at present, is calculate good of act for.

“White lotus, you arrive age mansion.Again keep on delaying, mistake you lifetime.”Few months ago, the Mo purple words ordered awake Qiu San Niang, first since white lotus.
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The almond eye son is one Yang, she like this arranges, “tonight we severals eat together okay, the tomorrow helps white early in the morning lotus to tidy up.Small dress, your sending a white lotus mansion is from the center door.Still have, the Mo is purple-”

“BE.”It be putting a white lotus to go out.

The Mo is still purple to think the first freedom, will be oneself.Only, to from small grow up together with Qiu San Niang, be like the white lotus but speech of satellite similar loyalty, freedom, not only not urgent, also very dismay.



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