The new nature doors inaugurates production

In the press conference scene , the general manager of Nature Home ( China ) Co., Ltd. Yang Weiming doors Division detailing the circumstances of the production base , as well as the development process of China -made doors : Before 1999 , the basic renovation site production ; 2000 to between 2002 , the plant appeared customized products , factory production carpentry section , paint decoration scene completed, that the industry calls ” white era” ; between 2003-2005 , customized products to complete the production in the factory , the scene of the installation, mainly manual ; 2006 — 2013 , began using mechanical equipment doors and use some basic software to improve operational efficiency. In 2014 , the introduction of the world’s leading nature fully automated production lines full of information , from the consumer to the docking point to achieve the various production equipment , doors , ” fifth-generation custom ” era . The new nature doors inaugurates production base in Taizhou , China and the world to lead the doors of customized production trends , a milestone in the industry .

A reporter asked the links, chairman natural flooring Se Hok Pan Holdings Limited Board of Directors , said: ” Some years ago, Mother Nature will capture the business opportunities in China ‘s home improvement market , fully integrated home industry market, the nature of the brand’s appeal from floor extends to household products. today, we again raise ‘ home integration ‘ development to a strategic height , and to publish media in order to build the core competitiveness of nature home , we will enhance research and innovation and manufacturing upgrades to first-class production equipment, production -class products ; sustainable industry chain system , promote green home industrial economy, the domestic industry to the ‘ green manufacturing ‘ a new era . ”

Nature home from 2011 began to ” big home ” transformation steps, select the conference was held in Jiangsu Taizhou , not only reflects the nature of home planning the layout of the whole category , but also demonstrated its focus on business development effort doors , prove safety of Chinese wood industry leading brands , seeking to resolve domestic integrated development strategy .

Future , nature will continue to be home for the direction of home integration , home improvement category structure , and strive to provide consumers with green , environmentally friendly solutions and overall home more healthy , comfortable home life experience.

It is understood that after the news conference , will be the two-day ” leapfrog development consensus ” Nature doors 2014 annual national dealer conference. The conference will focus on the development of strategic nature, unite national distributor , the collective wisdom of nature , thinking of all the nature and pace of action with the people , and lay a solid foundation for 2014 by leaps and bounds .composite decking sale hungary
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