being like the person who will run

uprising toasts for Wang Xue is me.Wang Xue Yi Leng also smiled to stand and said:”Is since only little to toast, my Wang Xue how dare not to drink, come from there pour cup beer for me!”…….”Evening who go to ktv and sing.”Looking at to eat also about, the person who stand up is again Huang Jian.”We don’t go!”Have already been getting more at 8:00, a lot of classmates of honesties all shake head to say not to go in succession and also have shout and go of, for example say Zhao Ya Nan, this false boy, stand up to shout;”I go, I go!”She also drank many wine today, the small blush with shame was red.”Husband, just my mama makes a phone call for me to come over and says to make me return to earlier, I don’t go as well!”Liu Rui said a sentence in the my ear small voice.”That I send you to return to!”"Need not, the husband has fun with them, anyway have the quite a few the classmate all a heel while on the way, I trust to throw!”Liu Rui Xi finishes saying with smile and kissed the next son on my face.Finally statisticsed under, more than ten individuals want to go, among them, the girl calculates Wang Xue to outside have six, Wang Xue originally didn’t want to go of, can not trust us to go by ourselves again, have to together follow go to.Other classmates is certainly a man and contribute efforts to the lady and is responsible for sending to the house to the female classmate!Shan card bar, the first ktv in the county city, who open not to know, but I once heard before, the young lady here absolutely was a county city inside is the best.”Red elder sister op Discount Prada Sunglasses ens a big reserved box!”Huang sets up to seem to be relatively to acquaint with to here and toward red hair in the buffet after coming in of a girl’s way.”No.306 building, go up, top someone!”Call the red elder sister’s woman dynasty Huang Jian Xiao ordered to nod.The ktv is this kind of place, I come of time few, in addition to the friend leads the party like the birthday, I hardly get to this kind of place.The neck coming to leap each time returns to all and wants for painful several days.”Come, come, I sing first.”Zhao Ya Nan is still a wheat Ba, drum Dao will find out the song that oneself wants to sing, take wheat to have a mold have kind of blowing and blowing way:”Underneath, I is peaceful, dedicate to our teacher Wang from cradle to the grave this good person, , applause!”Sweat this wench is still really enough crary.There is excessive little things of the past that imitated a Buddha to have an excessive little friend to imitate a Buddha yesterday at nearby also once the intention was deeply to mutually meet is a bitterness is sweet to toast to wish to wish good persons at present all peaceful from cradle to the grave who can together inebriate mutually and know year by year from year to year so near and yet poles apart to all decree by destiny warm human life of this feeling with me who can together inebriate with me to mutually know year by year the from year to year so near and yet poles apart all decree by destiny warm human life of this feeling who can with I together inebriate mutually know year by year the from year to year so near and yet poles apart all decree by destiny the warm human life of this feeling has the excessive little things of the past imitates a Buddha yesterday toast to wish to wish good persons at present all from cradle to the grave peaceful Zhao Ya Nan of the voice has several cents with Li Yu Chun likeness, take some Han, there is the voice to be like a man for several cents.After finishing singing, someone takes the lead to applause, close behind Huang Jian once connected wheat to sing a head as well overlord don’t Ji, I didn’t cautiously listen to sing of Zha kind, “urine” urgently.Ascend an over toilet to walk to the buffet to sit down there after coming out, knocked to knock table dynasty inside of the red elder sister say with smile:”Beauty takes a bottle of beer for me!”The red elder sister threw a seductive eyes, passed over here bottle 100 Weis and smiled to ask toward me:”The younger brother of the younger brother where goes to school!”The red elder sister’s voice is more pleasing.The outside is still quieter, although the stereo set voice of Dong Dong also deeply door but, compare reserved box inside that was very too many.The title drank the beer is smooth next throat, the throat has a little stem.Just answer red elder sister’s way:”I, a medium of, beauty you want at that slice of meet a point what matter son, directly enter a medium seek me, quasi- order so much!”I intentionally open fun with red elder sister.”Rush toward Chi!”The red elder sister was induced a smile by me.Blinked to wink to ask:”Really?Hear you a medium have pretty fantastic only little of, even east three all don’t dare to provoke him BE?”"Also so son!”I split mouth, raise beer just wanted to drink, someone is from the behind give me palm, is still the place that I hated most , unexpectedly beating of his Niang my head.”***Small son of b Zai is just many big, come into this place, come down to let a ground son!”A middle age of 30 or so year olds, the waistline is very thick.Not”Luo Luo ……” bench of distance sits in seat of honor a flock of beautifully dressed pheasant for wearing and broke out a burst of wave “concuss” of laughter, a see be make mean seek x trifle.Their laughter probably is want that luring is just incoming of this’pig’feet.I am wrinkly to knit the brows “hair”, ‘Pa!’Once the chair turn and raise the hand receives a beer bottle at the pig head of this old boy up, I sit chair up raise a hand to at the right moment knock his forehead, at present beat pretty comfortablely of, however because the beer has been already opened, even if hit a top could not beat as well what big wound, so I don’t understand the wine bottle leaving the handle knob inside of spirit, toward the belly of this pig ascend firm go in.”In addition to old mama and Ma Zis, I hated other people to beat my headed most and didn’t want to die and then quickly roll!”
Mens Prada Shoes 2013 are some become speechless red elder sisters in the dynasty, the mouth say with smile:”Troublesome beauty just takes a bottle of beer for me.”The middle age is stood I after death the face”color” is all white, from the clothes in leak out of blood outside of the clothes all printed wet, in fact and basically had no important event, most used a beer bottle of laceration point skin, as for is what run off so many bloods come, probably blame him long of heel pig about.”Your his mama ……!”I become overdo to go to and looking at a fatty chillily and wait for his words.This old boy probably also feels my a trace of fear and swallowed to swallow spittle arrived the words of the side of mouth to swallow to return to.”Saying again is a , I promise you today not here, roll, I don’t think again say the third!”"Small son of b Zai, you wait for me.”The old and the young son skill Wu wears the wound of belly, takes out a cellular phone from the clothes all alone and walked to go out in quick time.BE not on those pheasants of long chair in the distance, follow the horselaugh creating a big noise to discuss, the wave of Luo Luo smiles to allow me to feel whole body uneasiness.”Pa!”With hand red elder sister the just- passed over here beer be been failed in the past, burst those pheasant foot, frighten of exclaiming of several timidities stand.”Who don’t think hereafter have no business to do, every day drive round 【the female do 】of words, now order for young master calmness!”"Beauty, wine again have no!”Again returning is overdo, helplessly toward red elder sister Song shrug shoulders.The red elder sister didn’t say what, and then passed over here bottle beer, see my time the eyebrow”hair” was tiny to move under, the title saw the young ladies whom the eye distance pipes down, the small voice said:”Just you beat of that is three tigers, you quickly leave, otherwise when the time comes is the owner here can not also save you.”"Beauty, do you see me being like the person who will run?”I lie prone on the Ba on the stage, the dynasty red elder sister blinked to wink.Red elder sister piece open mouth, tone what don’t also say.A bottle of beer, two bottles of beers, three bottles of beers, until after I finish drinking the third beer, three tigers took talented person’s vehemence to roaringly come back.If I want to want to


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