Flooring and other building materials purchase

As temperatures gradually rise, major home stores have begun to heat up as the temperature gradually , but recently received a number of municipal associations and other building materials from the floor complaint cases. City Consumers Association official said , do not believe in advertising and verbal commitments to purchase goods obtainable after shopping bills and save .

Do not believe the phenomenon of consumer complaints lot of verbal commitments

Yesterday, anniversary, event discounts gradually began to attract a lot of customers. However, the reporter learned from the Consumers Association , flooring and other building materials have been complaints complaint hot . Zhao consumers pay 8000 yuan to buy a number of floors, the use of the phenomenon soon appear from the dark , and consumers are demanding repairs and compensation ; consumers to pay 25,000 yuan Zhou order a custom floor , the two sides agreed delivery by the end of January , but businesses now before delivery , the consumer demands the return .

One new share floor hot issues emerge from the dark, color and other quality problems , the operators will not be processed or delays resolved. Second, the receipt does not regulate the content of writing , confusing concepts ( such as solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring ) . Third, the operator fails to agree production, distribution and installation of furniture , flooring delivery order is inconsistent with the original consumer , consumers delay normal use . Fourth floor pungent taste , consumers suspect that excessive levels of formaldehyde .

City Consumers Association prompt consumers do not believe in advertising and verbal commitment to understand the real situation of goods and services , shop around to protect operators choose to consume . When you purchase goods to be carefully selected , try to examine the spot , obtain and keep shopping bills . To generate consumer disputes calmly , positive rights according to the law , and operators negotiation fails , a complaint to the associations or departments .

Flooring and other building materials purchase should pay attention to details

Do not be ” verbal concept of” confusion. Some businesses are often one-sided provision of furniture , building materials, flooring material information , vague expression , conversion concepts. Consumers do not believe salesperson recommended , commitment, before placing orders is best to ask for instructions , read the relevant Material introduction.

When ordering , try to avoid full prepayment , and , in addition to ask for proof of purchase , the best delivery and terms of the relevant agreements and liquidated damages , such as the installation also expressly agreed .

Upon receipt , you should pay attention to whether there had the contract agreement and notes , the best face closer inspection, if found quality problems , early feedback or return . Meanwhile, the installation as soon as possible , and some building materials, furniture due process, the size of the reason, in the installation , use to find the problem.composite board suppliers
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