Formaldehyde flooring consumers need to be cautious not fly

At this stage, the fog and haze rampage era , the major flooring companies also began production of environmentally friendly flooring , such as ” addition to aldehydes floor” also began to pop up , regardless of whether it is the concept of speculation , but at least there are some flooring companies have begun environmental protection to make their own action.

Formaldehyde flooring consumers need to be cautious not fly

In accordance with national standards of production technology floor , flooring species name is fixed, there is a uniform label market popular only four types of wood flooring : solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, wood flooring and bamboo flooring . Whether or not laminate flooring wood flooring exist ” zero-formaldehyde ” products. Required due to the production of rubber flooring , solid wood flooring and paint on ingredients also contain formaldehyde , and therefore can only say that some brands of flooring , formaldehyde content is much lower than the national standard , is a green building materials . Businesses to attract consumers using a variety of new terms , such as “antibacterial floor” in the production process, the raw material is very strict , but for those who claim that our current antimicrobial flooring products no testing standards , so manufacturers name of ” antibacterial” banner multi- touch.

Remind consumers to buy as much as possible to the regular mall . Currently , on the wooden floor and the use of glue formaldehyde content issues , the company’s products should have a formal national authority issued by the sampling or inspection test report shall be verified businesses obtain and consumers to buy. At the time of purchase must keep businesses signed a purchase agreement , but also require the operator in the sale contract ( invoice ) above clearly indicate timber information used to prepare rights disputes .

The new ” addition to aldehydes floor” is no longer listed or speculation

In the fog and haze swept through China in the background, the environmental performance of products has become an important business “selling point .” Only flooring market, there is ” 0 aldehyde “, ” formaldehyde-free “, ” soy glue” ever-changing variety of concepts , but also allow consumers to see dazzling loss. And on the consumer to find a truly environmentally friendly flooring and confusing when there are floor businesses in the “3.15″ on the eve of launch an addition to aldehyde floor.

According to businessmen , if paved floor living far from home in addition to formaldehyde formaldehyde content without worrying about the floor itself , and its interior as well as free formaldehyde adsorption effect, makes the whole room becomes green . In addition to an aldehyde floor flooring brand choice in the ” 3.15″ before listing , the market immediately on the floor to create a new consumption hot spots , a lot of consumers are attracted by its addition to aldehyde performance.

And the so-called ” 0 aldehyde “, ” formaldehyde-free ” and the company’s own concept of speculation and Fudge different flooring brands in addition to the performance of the aldehyde floor endorsement of the national authorities : the State Building Materials Test Center, in addition to aldehyde breathe life family benefits flooring , formaldehyde purification performance of 93.9% , purifying effect of persistent reached 88.8% . Such a rigid target than how fresh concept will reassure consumers.can i build composite fencing wpc
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