Nike the most globally recognized brands

Nike Air Max 2014 is well known that the brand of running, has crossed the borders of different countries , thus revolutionizing the meaning of deporte. Siendo make one of the most globally recognized brands , Nike has achieved a recall just use your logo . The famous pigeon was created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, and is named nike air max . The company has expanded its scope becoming a shop selling sporting goods, including footwear and this being the flagship product .

NNike Air Max UK are part of a wide range of products in which we can find t-shirts , shorts ( shorts) , accessories, among many others. Does not matter what sport you practice , you almost certainly will find all shoes for you.

Nike Air Max Sale and all the items they offer have become articles of tradition not only for athletes. Thanks to constant innovation , the brand has been concerned with designing products for football, basketball , tennis, athletics , golf, etc. . Also, have you thought about the different niche markets , which has motivated him to make lines with models designed specifically for women, men , kids, and even cultural form has attacked other segments , a clear example : the practitioners of hiphop .

Great figures have gone as spokesmen for the brand , which has helped keep the brand growing stronger , despite human rights problems that arose some time. The likes of Michael Jordan and Rafael Nadal, have become emblematic icons of the company, and have even been inspired to create exclusive Nike air max in their sport these players. An example of this is the Air Max 90 , a basketball shoe high performance .

What started as a domestic company Nike Court has made ​​it more and more athletes or people , and have thought about them. He has managed to see every niche market as an area of ​​opportunity . Recently, with the boom that has taken yoga and pilates, mark out a line of sneakers designed completely in them : light , with which they can be barefoot and with almost complete freedom of movement .

The most interesting of Nike tennis is that every model is designed with technology that end users are concerned . This seeks to provide better results with their products. For example shoes runners is lighter each time, created with materials that allow the foot to breathe , and with an engraving on the sole designed to be suitable for different terrain and shock absorption according to movements.


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