Whether indoor or outdoor air quality

air quality, and have been referred to the people’s throats . All have their own official website, posted on the official micro- carbon , energy saving green manifesto Horse arrival in the second week , the flooring industry enterprises. These seem to tell the consumer , the fight against formaldehyde is one of the main contents of them, but how to fight ? Key to see if there are no strict standards and norms.

Earlier, the Chinese plywood circulation Union jointly launched the ” Green Home Materials 3G logo” was officially opened , marking the Chinese wood panels involving all sectors of the green is about to enter the 3G era . Meanwhile, Chinese wood flooring circulation Circulation Association Professional Committee of wood and wood products are the end of 2013 , said: Grading flooring company will launch in 2014 , of which environmental protection grading will be an important basis for dividing the enterprise level . Some media said the new national standard flooring formaldehyde will be officially launched in 2014 , the new national standard E2 grades will be abolished.

Various obstacles still many

As we all know , has always been plagued by environmental problems , one bottle diameter flooring industry development , especially formaldehyde problem is like Pandora ‘s Box on the road to development of the industry , the brand has become a lot of floor not the last step , ” ditch ” and ” Hum ” formaldehyde exposure and quality , and other issues of mutual promises Heibang cause side effects , not only greatly hindered the expansion of the flooring industry , but also to many consumers concerned about the health of indoor flooring industry have to prevent.

The bad news around have also occurred . Last October, the Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the ” 2013 three quarters of the circulation of goods quality inspection Bulletin ” shows that in the total sample of 47 groups and 20 groups substandard products , substandard products, formaldehyde is important one of the factors .

Last October , Zhejiang province 89 Flooring Association for the whole batch floor flooring companies carry out random checks , including two popular foreign brand flooring formaldehyde even seriously overweight, were as high as 3.3 mg / L and 2.7 mg / l . According to the China Flooring Network ” 2013 China Internet Index flooring industry analysis report ” shows that consumers are most concerned about at this stage floor index is environmental issues, visible in the new year , anti- formaldehyde detection flooring industry has become a positive and negative energy “wind vane . ”

The industry believes that the reason why the flooring industry exposed many problems , one of many flooring manufacturers do not have strict environmental standards, lack of social responsibility , failure to strictly in production manufacturing ; hand, is flooring industry low barriers to entry , technology is not in place , but hard to let the plant is difficult to control formaldehyde content .

China Real Estate Research One expert believes that in addition to corporate environmental awareness , the lack of external self-discipline , lack of industry standards and norms are also the main cause endless problems caused by formaldehyde . Due to the lack of standards , the name of environmental protection under the banner of product variety , each with its own interpretation , each have their own advertised, seems to environmental standards is a beautiful part of the sample declared volumes, only to put it nicely , consumers believe.

According to nine are building networks to understand , this embarrassing situation even lead to many well-known flooring companies in the production process in environmental standards , because of the detection methods and environmental change and misfortune gun mounts Heibang . Coupled with inadequate supervision and lack of binding , many flooring companies had luck, so the more exaggerated the more fake into the vicious cycle .white composite fencing boards
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