the flooring industry is among the most common

As the old saying goes: plan and then move . In fact, the consumer before the purchase floor flooring also needs sufficient time to prepare . In recent years, despite the vigorous supervision of persons under appeal to many industries and national authorities , the flooring industry, the market environment has been significantly improved, but even so, inevitably there are still a few bad apples , slightly among consumers in the flooring market there are not careful, it may fall into the trap of these businesses being designed .

So, for consumers, rivers and lakes at risk, buy caution . China Flooring Network for the flooring industry into the common trap traps, specifically for consumers conclude the following :

Look and smell good ideas of

Look and smell , this is the way medicine medical consultation . But for consumers, in the purchase process to try to do the floor ” look and smell “, is also an effective way to reduce the chances of their own deception .

Hope , even require consumers to look at . Different categories of wood flooring has different characteristics, solid wood flooring with natural textures, and positive and negative sides of the texture will be consistent , and laminate flooring and parquet flooring, it is difficult to do so .

Wen , is to let consumers before purchase, to determine whether there is the smell of wood flooring . Wood flooring is environmentally friendly relations with key family health , and if there is a clear wood floor smell, then most likely formaldehyde , would seriously damage your health .

Asked that the consumers ask friends before deciding to buy. Are there acquaintances have contacted fancy brand , by asking asked how brand reputation, integrity and quality of the brand can be discriminating .

Shop around for the good ideas

Shop around, many consumers are aware of the truth. But really enter into the flooring market , but consumers are often experienced and glib salespeople sell some confused foggy , unclear eventually bought into it does not suitable for home decoration , or even a lot of sales staff in the marketing process, the pompous boast , shoddy , so that consumers will suffer .

To prevent these situations , the consumer before entering the flooring market , we must be prepared to shop around and do take a few more stores in preparation. We are here to contribute to a good ideas , consumers could have the cash and bank cards without first entering the store at the time , for the first time before promising products , after a number of comparison, the final confirmation of the purchase product , then any money to order .

Good ideas of bargains

Price trap , the flooring industry is among the most common deception trap. Many consumers into the store , and often you can see all kinds of promotional information , and some can even hit the floor brand slogan half or even lower . Many consumers see such concessions, a rare opportunity to think that , once the first start.

In fact , at this stage in the flooring industry , many bad business to attract customers , often using the ” drop out dark rose ” this means . Some seemingly strong concessions, most likely did not actually none other . In this case , the consumer must not urgent psychological, first with casual attitude and merchants bargaining , tentatively businesses lipped , whether there is concealed the bottom line price . Generally speaking , the more formal the big brands , the less likely this hidden price .

Think twice of good ideas

Misleading thinking, is one of the means salespeople commonly used. Many consumers should have is with the express purpose of entering the flooring market , but often under the promotional staff deliberately misleading , deviate from their original intention. The results not only products purchased are not favored , and may even eat some nausea loss on price and quality.

At the time of the purchase of flooring products , consumers should define their goals , while support for the sales staff to sell to “think twice ” attitude. Sales personnel should not unilaterally introduce highlights rush decision.

The good ideas in black and white

Black and white , only refers to consumers and businesses after determining the purchase, signing consumer contracts. In all consumer segments , and that this is the key to the consumer must focus attention.

When signing consumer contracts , consumers must carefully check whether all the terms of the contract is consistent with the business earlier in the marketing process, whether to pay attention to the contract terms are ambiguous text , meanwhile, confirmed that the security service contract terms are incorporated into a complete . For consumers, the contract is the key to protect their own rights are not infringed , definitely not sloppy .vinyl deck waterproof skins
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