impression forever is all gentle and

thoroughly crary and perhaps and early once rushed their blockaders, to car and inside of artificial become hurt.However so, Lyu Kai and the driver on the car, face already white must be like a blank sheet of paper, have no the blood”color”.They have already been begging absolute being to worship Buddha, Christ Jesus and Virgin Mary, also have full celestial spirits Buddhas of China to all beg a time, hope those songs”be fond of” to know after there being no Deng Li Jun on the car, can Gao Tai Gui’s hand, pass their small lives.

Probably their beg absolute being really drive sky those are “disorderly”78 bad absolute being heard, the savior issoon .Be separated a way before the car, tenth, the police takes shield and Jing stick and make those arriving to the part song the “fan” is all.That police officer sees vehicle don’t damage, person should also nothing important matter, this just heavily loosenned tone.Right away direct have already rushed through other polices who come over the supports, around start to round person’s wall in the car, make the car able to get into the city”government” smoothly.Only Lyu Kai’s driver, early frightenning successful favour the feet is “disorderly”, the continuous some times just chases a car start, and Lyu Kai almost don’t scold Niang.
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Chapter 258 is curious

No one’s knowing will have so many people will arrive at “government” in Taipei City, who all unexpectedly Deng Li Jun’s public appeal will be so huge, more no one thoughts of Taiwanese company of Deng Li Jun’s regressions will arouse so many people’s echo.At parking lot where of the wide screen still have no appearance to come out and arrive at of crowd already the whole parking lot round of ram-jam full.Still have many people into not come of, all wait in the outside.Result in now the “tide” of this kind of person flow out, even all could not anticipate.

Urgently notify Taipei police station, send a large numbers of police force to keep order an outside, also need to watch the safety of good city”government”.Evacuate those people that still guard in the outside as far as possible, don’t make them block transportation and hinder the no Mens Prada Shoes rmal work of “government”.

Lyu Kai finally gets into inside in the office building under the police’s escort and still have a lingering fear of he, finally understand what be called persons much certainly many.Don’t beat you, stand have already enough intimidated dint in front of you.Not so bad oneself nothing important matter, those students and song the “fan” all really obey order and just went to shove those public security, didn’t make to the vehicle what exorbitant behavior.See to them still thinking that the person on the car is Deng Li Jun, so not dare the matter that is some to hurt her comes out.

The out at elbow public security really a little bit influences an urban landscape, lets such a person follows himself/herself and all feels ashamed.Lyu Kai has never liked beating of spirit to deliver them to return to change clothes, then need not came back and returned to company instauration as usual the work go.He can there is no interest taking care of these and made a contract a rites to soon start, he was a big shareholder, not present is how all say not past.
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The assembly hall has already sat full arrive at from all countries of reporter, more than thousand persons assembly hall didn’t seem to be too noisy, only those reporters prepared the camera and notes in the hand.In Taiwanese mainland of then get up a department movie camera, prepare to start recording image at any time.The reporter who has some the same nation, communicate in the mutual low voice these several days get of news, the Mu begs to leave out whichever news concerning Deng Li Jun.Deng Li Jun at these the influence of the nation, all unlike at 1:00 in Taiwan to get little, even still once had it.15 beginnings from she, once many at Southeast Asia all countries and Japan wented on stage performance to dedicate to sing.More contains several Japanese albums and record, Indonesian text record and Ma La Wen’s record and make her be subjected to people of the region more support and like.

Deng Li Jun’s song has a kind of Hun however natural United States, like high mountain waterfall, murmuring stream.People appreciate she as long as depend to appreciate beauty instinct but didn’t need to be engaged in mental drudgery.In fact art of a little bit common is an on the stage three minuteses, next decade of set.The achievement arrives nature and be like a night to come to joss-stick to open similar and in clear and ordered pattern, have no ax to dig trace, but again than any design with with meticulous care packing to get more its never thought that, secure, careful and attentive.And modern of those what”play but excellent then sing” is Authentic Prada Trainers totally different, the so-called singer of this type sings of the song lack an atmosphere, lie in the thing that belongs to a packing too many, this compared to so-so Mrs. young lady of original looks to simply depend facial plastic surgery Shu to increase for several cents, the Zi”color”, but always make people feel a weakness content.

Deng Li Jun gives people’s impression forever is all gentle and cultivated, benignity can person, her smiling face makes people enjoy in retrospect like her singing.She cultured and sweet shape, gentle and soft delicate heart and her one Pin a smile to all integrate to each song in.The mind that deeply shocked people also deeply influenced a few people’s growth.

There is long table of one on the assembly hall, Liu Tian who in advance arrive’s granting all has been already sat as well clearly with Zhai rattan.When Lyu Kai came in, but was a surprised


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