Floor coverings affect moisture effects

Paving should be noted , floor coverings are not random, because the spring large temperature , so the tiles on the floor and pavement should pay attention to moisture and other issues. Thus , before the wood floor coverings , it is best at room temperature 16 �� to 18 �� decentralization of two days. In addition, the installation of floor time best choice in sunny weather , it is best to install seven days or so are in sunny, no rain , not on the ground to dry before installing the floor .

Avoid excessive moisture floor cleaning

Clean attention to controlling water in the floor routine maintenance , the cleaning was necessary items . General stains can handle a soft dry cloth , clean water stains must be met , it is recommended to not wring dripping wet cloth to clean after use . Maguo best floor doors and windows open at once , to allow air circulation , dry floor. In wet weather, use a dry cloth and then wipe once and then use air conditioning dehumidification.

Appropriate proper floor maintenance

Humidity regulation to be flexible, floor is very sensitive to air humidity , the air is too humid , the floor is easy to mold deformation. When wet floor easy swelling caused bagging , deformation , etc. . In hot flashes weather, water vapor requires frequent floor surface dry with a dry cloth , but also need to regularly open air dehumidification function dehumidification. Indoor ventilation also requires timely , noon air humidity at the highest value , not the window, usually selected in the afternoon when dry window regulator .

With activated carbon moisture

Activated carbon can keep the floor in good humidity. Not too damp mildew occurs due to activated carbon to absorb moisture and moisturizing dual role ( two-way humidity ) , you can make the floor does not dry in the long-term use, the floor when there is moisture ; in the rainy season, this effect is more significant.bright colored composite lumber
brighton vinyl fence
brown plastic wood outdoor plank
brown wood grain composite lawn edging
brownstone roof top terrace fencing


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