Optional floor moisture performance is critical

Spring rain rain, living at home , feel the most obvious is the wet weather , especially in direct contact with the ground to the floor , particularly prominent. And with winter just past floor maintenance needs moisture difference is that the spring on the floor maintenance is needed moisture. Whether it is already paved the decoration , or was about to buy flooring renovation , in this season are needed to fully take into account factors humid weather . Xiao Bian here to introduce you to the recipe , so you say goodbye to wet da da ground .

Increase the indoor ventilation to keep dry

With the increase in the number of rainy spring gradually increased moisture in the air , so , especially in the living room is relatively low floor room , more prone to the ground is wet , it will greatly reduce the floor in the course of life. For such a situation , when the spring should open the windows as much as possible , keep the air circulating indoors , encounter a rainy day , you should try to close the doors and windows upwind , downwind just open the doors and windows to reduce moisture into the interior. When the weather turned fine until you can open all the doors and windows , to accelerate evaporation. Meanwhile, the indoor air humidity at noon, the highest value , not windows , the best choice in the afternoon, evening, or when the climate is relatively dry , windows regulate indoor air. If you happen to have air conditioning damp room , then you can use the air conditioner dehumidifier law , is to close the windows start air conditioning dehumidification function , the use of air conditioning to change the indoor air moisture environment is now the home of a good way . After so over time , can effectively solve the problem of wet rainy period rooms , for fear the influx of home appliances also have a protective effect .

Optional floor moisture performance is critical

On the upcoming renovation of the owners , the floor is the best time to buy every year in May to June of this time, because then the weather will be relatively dry when laying it easier to grasp the angle. Of course, for the purchase of the floor, moisture resistance is an important technical indicators , poor moisture resistance of the floor , on the ground once the moisture enters the floor edge is easily warped , causing damage to the floor . The flooring is used in high-quality high-density substrates , excellent performance of its moisture , thickness swelling is far less than the national standard. In addition , special wear-resistant layer , decorative paper , balance layer , the substrate can be well “closed ” to ensure better overall moisture resistant flooring . Therefore , before purchasing the floor to inspect the relevant information available to understand the characteristics of the brand of the floor, the best choice on the market brand and reputation are good products , so in the future use, will avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.advantage of wood plastic composites
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